Grow a pair

Ive been pretty clear how disgusted I am about what is being done to the little kids around here with all this stupid worthless mask stuff. I have also been clear it isn’t my fight.

Still, I get people whining “what can we do?” “Oh poor me.” Screech, this isn’t the place I grew up, Ill tell you that.

If somebody tried to do to my kids what is going on around here there would have been a fight.

Dropping my kids IQ 23 points? See studies. I wouldn’t let my kids anywhere near that place. There isn’t a vending machine somewhere you will ever be able to get those points back. I don’t care what I would have had to do. No sympathy for this latte drinking yoga pant wearing generation. None.

Just how dangerous is this? Check out the chart. Run of the mill kids are about 100 on the IQ chart. So far the average little kid, the public schools got their hands on, is now where…somewhere in the 80s? And these places call themselves schools. Ya right. Worse, people dress them up and send them off to be dumbed down. I see a school bus now and I cringe. Its like a bad science fiction movie.

Where was you kid? Where is he now?

If it was me, I would have organized a group of parents and shut them down. Cold. There would be a crowd of parents chaining themselves to the door every morning and Sheriff Scott would have to buy more bolt cutters. I doubt he would get involved though. The police have little kids too.

This isn’t complicated. No kids….no federal money. And that is all they really care about. Any group of parents can walk into any church in town and ask for help. I can’t imagine a pastor that wouldn’t find a way to get those kids learning reading writing and what is the other one?

There are on line ways to satisfy state requirements. Moms can get together and help each other. But no, too much trouble I guess. Best to just let the kids go through life ….special.

The high schoolers don’t need any help. They can take care of it themselves. If they had the guts, but that has all been stripped out of them now. Bulldogs don’t fight anymore. They roll over and show their tummies I guess.

Try to put a mask on my little brother or sister. Knowing what we know now. Just try.

I just can’t work up the sympathy. You have a lazy liberal governor in Jay Inslee that is willing to sacrifice the future of the children of the entire state to virtue signal how woke he is to Biden…..and collect money from teacher unions. And parents, school boards, teachers, local health departments, local elected officials just look the other way to play along because they are gutless. The little kids are just disposable little nothings.

Frankly, Im somewhat disgusted with the whole lot of you. And shame on all of you for what you did to these kids.

Don’t write me and look for other people to come get their hands dirty so you don’t have to. Help aint coming…..grow a pair. You better move fast before people start labeling this the Special generation.