BREAKING: Volcano Exploding GH County in Crosshairs of Tsunami

Oh No!

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee wants to remind everyone swept out to sea that masks are required on all life boats and rafts. While there is only a ten mile limit on the Wa. State territorial waters, he wants to remind you that WHO is also requiring masks and international maritime laws will be strictly enforced. Social distancing in effect on all rafts, overturned doors etc. Those of you who saw Titanic and didn’t understand why Rose wouldn’t let Leo onto the raft should keep that in mind.

Further, any cannibalism that ensues at sea should be restricted to the vaccinated ONLY.

Any praying on rafts that allow for social distancing should be conducted with the approval of all on the raft and prayers should reflect both those practicing religion as well as those who are only recently religious due to being in the middle of the sea on a raft. Equity should be considered in deciding who and who is not allowed onto the raft. A point system to determine those eligible for raft entry is encouraged to de construct the colonial notion of saving the most vulnerable.

The Governor’s office wants to remind all of you that now is a perfect time to get vaccinated! You don’t want any problems at sea.

As a note of encouragement to us here, Vice President Kamala Harris issued the following statement ahead of the Tsunami. “This is the time and the days. Ive never been to France! Coming together as a tool for time and soon, we will be in the days that all of us together realize we have.”