Montesano Property Values – Tied to Seattle Policies

I’ve touched on this in the past but it is really heating up.

We all see the articles about cities like San Francisco and that city decline in the news. It has become the poster child for urban decay and crime. As bad as it is there, and it is bad, Seattle is worse.

I’m not going to spend all day chasing down public officials there. I don’t care about them that much. Here is but one of the latest things they are up to. Go verify yourself. The SPD gave me a “no comment”. Make of that what you will. To be fair, I am told that this is coming out of the DA office. Try and get someone to comment. Just try.

Twitter blowing up over the issue

Now what could be the reason behind not pulling over vehicles with no license plates? This is an easy one. Yes, of course, license plates are racist….we all know that. But the real reason is….. they can’t stop the constant car-jackings. They are thinking that maybe…..just maybe if criminals can use their mom’s car or something to do a smash and grab, or rob a bank, they won’t be car-jacking the soccer moms for get away cars. This is great for an up and coming criminal oh, say here in Montesano. You can drive up to the rest stop outside of Seattle, take off your license plates, put on a mask, and just go do what criminals do all day in Seattle. Make sure you put in a police scanner as the Mayor up there has told the police they can’t mislead criminals on their scanners anymore. Seattle really is a criminal paradise isn’t it?

WARNING: You are most likely going to be real excited after a day of robbing, home invasions, drive by shootings etc. up in Seattle. Remember to stop at the rest stop outside of Seattle and put the license plates back on your car. You don’t want to get pulled over driving home!

This is really how they think. That is the mind set of Seattle and Jay Inslee. Again, they deserve everything they get.

Further, the wonderful Mayor who has single handedly driven up our Monte home values, by in my case, over $150,000 and I have a crappy old house, yours might be a lot higher, has just announced she is going to be hiring a bunch of new police officers …….that don’t carry guns.

Ya, you read that right.

Let me tell you what else will happen. Those officers will not be wearing vests either. Vests are a symbol of colonial oppression. Lets use their language, de-coupling oppressive symbols from systemically and historical .…oh never mind.

I’m privately worried that our own MPD officers will be resigning to go work in the Seattle Law Enforcement utopia.

Now is the time to relate that in a small county like ours it only takes a couple of dozen people screaming with their arms waving screeching out of that hell hole in a u-hall to wipe out all the home inventory in the county. Further driving up your home value. Just a couple dozen of them heading West to us.

We are estimated another good 10% rise this year, personally, I think it will be higher. Probably the reason you are seeing all the WE BUY HOUSES signs and getting the knocks on your door asking if you want to sell lately.

Between the rise in home values and about $40,000 in added value to my cars, in my case Durkan and Inslee have increased my own net worth close to a quarter of a million dollars. Biden kept sending me about $5,000 in those silly covid checks I didn’t need that I put in covid pharmaceutical stocks. I see it as a hold and a growth market.

Crime in Seattle has, as Chico Escuela would say, “been very very good for me”.

Now who are the losers under the crime and covid policies? Single mothers, young couples. These people will never be able to buy a home, and in most cases now, are unable to even buy a used car. Hard work won’t matter. They will never be able to come up with 50-100k to get into a home. It will be all they can do to pay rent. Which is going up monthly.

We tend to lose track of things. Go to Zillow and just look what you can get under $300,000 here in Grays Harbor these days. Monte is always much higher than a certain town whose name I won’t speak to the West. If you can find something. By the end of the year it will probably be $350,000.

Zillow Monte listings under $300,000

Jay Inslee and Joe Biden have driven up the cost of building anything new so high, that even a building boom won’t help. Notice during his press conference this week he touted how he was getting rid of single family zoning in the state? Too late.

It is so unsafe to to go Seattle that if you get a jury summons, you are told not to go downtown or anywhere near the courthouse.

Its hard to work up a lot of sympathy. You can only tell people the stove is hot so many times. What we are seeing and hearing out of Seattle is us sitting in the living room reading the newspaper and listening to the screaming in the kitchen.

I just turn up the TV and go back to the paper.