Biden’s Dangerous Press Conference

I thought I would feel a little better after a good night sleep. I don’t.

By now you probably have read and seen enough of that disaster of a press conference yesterday to start making you put away a bunch of dried food and look into shotguns. It was that bad.

From his creepy whispering, rocking back and forth, manic behavior….and Ill call it, flat our demonstrated dementia, we in America are in trouble.

The rest of the world too.

If any of you have ever spent time visiting in a nursing home you know the drill. When they become over excited and start yelling and not making sense, the nurse aid comes over and gives them pudding. He was that bad. Yelling at reporters, blaming everyone and everything.

I don’t think any President has ever been asked, as James Rosen did, if he was suffering from cognitive problems. The first question they should of asked him is what day is it? Do you know who the president is?

Sounds silly, but at the end of the press conference, Biden stated he forgot he was president and was acting like a Senator. Who knows what he meant.

Oh, the creepy whispering all bent over into the microphone. Does he think what he was saying was private? Does he? Who the hell does that? And at the presidential level. Putin and Xi must have been laughing pointing at the TV and rolling out the maps on the table.

I’ve been active in politics since Nixon. I actually met him once in the military. Seen a bunch of these guys come and go. This is something none of us have witnessed and something the founders never could imagine. Electing someone that is, to put it kindly, completely out of it.

I used to think his press secretary, Jen Psaki, was a strictly partisan hack. Hiding Biden to protect her and the administration liberal agenda. It was the reason she restricted access to the President. Tightly controlled.

I’m not so sure anymore. I think she has been hiding him for exactly the reason we saw yesterday. Joe Biden is dangerous. Frightening. It is the reason that a full year into his administration it was the first time they had to let him out like that.

It is obvious he isn’t running anything. His mind isn’t there. He is seeing boogymen, lost in his memories, and confused.

Every world leader was watching that thing yesterday. Iran, North Korea, Putin, Xi, the whole bunch of them. They watched as Biden invited Putin into Ukraine. And he did. Don’t even try and spin it.

And invade Ukraine he will. Destabilizing Europe along with it. A perfect time for Xi to make his move on Taiwan. And Australia. Wait, you thought it was about Taiwan….oh you poor soul. He could care less about Taiwan. He wants that big almost empty Australian Continent. Full of iron ore and land. It is why he keeps picking a fight with them.

The day Putin marches into Ukraine, if I was Little Kim, I would stroll over the border into South Korea. Who is going to stop him?

We could go on and on.

It isn’t just our county at stake here. Joe Biden could very easily put the entire world into a horrid depression.

The alternative is worse when you consider his diversity VP pick Kamala Harris taking his spot.

Our military has been purged at the officer core level. If you think this generation of young people have the guts to fight, you are delusional. We are soft, weak, in debt, and unprepared.

Why, how do we find ourselves in this spot?

Because some of you didn’t like Trump’s mean tweets.

Good luck everyone, I’m not sure the country can survive Joe Biden and the people propping him up. Not in any form we currently know.

We can not have Biden in front of a television camera ever again. It is dangerous for the county and the world. You wanted a great reset….you just might get one.