Democrats now suggesting pimp slapping unruly women

Robert Reich, You remember him. Clinton Sec of Labor, Obama Transition Team. Advisor to Obama and Joe Biden. A high seat at the table. Currently Chancellor at Berkeley. Regular guest on CNN and MSNBC, all the liberal networks. Op ed writer for New York Times. He is at the top. You don’t get any higher in Democrat circles and politics. You don’t get a bigger microphone.

How does Robert Reich suggest dealing with unruly Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema and her not voting to kill the Senate filibuster?

Well, slap the crap out of her. More specifically pimp slap her. There is a difference. Don’t take my word for it. Lets read his:

From Twitter

Now, to be fair, Robert doesn’t say how hard or if only a single backhanded whack across the mouth is sufficient. I would imagine that is left up to the level of rage the average liberal feels at the moment.

For some strange reason Chancellor Reich deleted the tweet? Luckily, many were able to copy it so his message of controlling women through violence can be spread.

It is curious as to why he only advocated for the back handing of the female Senator. He didn’t suggest trying it on Joe Manchin.

I can only assume that if we are not only encouraged to slap around sitting United States Senators, we can also bring all women who are getting….well, a little out of line, back under control.

It was the standard for centuries and I am a little surprised to see the Chancellor working so hard in public to re instate the social policy. Im not that much of a deep thinker like he is so will have to assume that he and his fellow Democrats have thought this through.

Ive never hit a woman, so I don’t have any practice. I assume a more forth coming manual will be sent out? I know the Saudis sent out a video a few years back on how to properly beat a woman, maybe there is some guidance there.

Women back in the kitchen, quiet, and more importantly compliant. The great reset continues.

To be fair we do not know if he is advocating for using force against all women who are out of control and won’t do what they are told, or if this is a one off. As he is an advisor to President Biden, perhaps someone on his team will inquire?

Poor Robert, I almost feel sorry for him. About now this is spreading around the campus at Berkeley. Every hairy legged feminist on that campus is working themself up. He won’t be showing his face for a while. He was up all night writing this trying to stem the blowback.