Mask lawsuits – prepare

Im going to be tied up with a new writing gig for a TV show for a while to settle in, but wanted to post something important.

The Govt may have given the manufactures of these shots immunity, but the people putting masks on you don’t have it.

NIH own studies are showing the damage to children (and some adults) these masks are causing short and long term.

The lawsuits are coming and are going to be viscous.

They know it. They will be scampering to dark corners like rats.

Start a folder. If you talk to a school official, teacher etc., have a witness. Note the conversation. Even on the phone, have a witness, record everything. No matter how small. It will come in very handy during depositions.

Write down the names of everyone associated with putting a mask on you or your child. This applies to adults as well. Both at the State Gov level as well as a local employer. Take pictures of everything.

Even the CDC has stated that these cloth masks are virtually worthless, everyone knows. Everyone. There are only 6 or 7 states doing this. Just Democrat Governors and school boards. Believe me…..the lawsuits are coming, probably pretty quickly.

I would imagine a majority of the suits will be at the local level. The people actually harming the kids and store workers. We will see.

The kids are going to have coming health problems worse than us adults. Still, adults forced to sit at a counter breathing in their own CO2 all day are going to have their issues as well.

Document everything. Including conversations with your personal doctor.


Print out all emails, text messages, school screen shots, pictures etc. They will start to dissapear shortly.

Governor Inslee is trying to hide behind his state agencies. That won’t hold up in court. What is going destroy them in court is their own science.

Its come to this. Be ready for what is coming.

NOTE: Get another parent or two and act as a support group for each other. It will help. Remember, if you or your child was forced to do something that harmed you under threat……you have some real deep pockets to go after. Their own “science” will destroy them in court.