Jabbing Babies

By now you have heard that the CDC requested the drug companies to apply for “emergency” authorization to allow little babies to be jabbed. Up to three times to start according to what reports they allow us to know.

Ok. I just have one question.

Where did the babies for the study come from?

Well, that is a secret. Proprietary information. We aren’t allowed to know.

Don’t worry, it isn’t hard to figure out though.

Fauchi and his merry little band of “scientists” are particularly fond of funneling our tax money into places like Lybia, Sudan, South Africa….(see a pattern here?). Remember the puppies?

It isn’t easy to get your hands on say a couple hundred babies.

You can’t go to Alabama, or New York. You can’t go to Sweden or even Argentina. No, it doesn’t work in white countries. They wouldn’t stand for it.

Ordinarily you can rely on China for a steady stream of test subjects. Nobody asks questions. There is too much heat on Fauchi and his drug company friends to use them anymore. At least for a year or two.

This is how it works.

You sub-contract to a lab in a third world country. The lab calls up a local warlord. The warlord goes and gathers up what you need. No fuss, no muss. No eyes, no questions. No press, no cameras. No consequences.

Besides all that, and a thought for the day. How much profit do you think there might be in another say 19 million doses?

The other question I have is this.

What happens/happened to the little baby test subjects that things didn’t go so well for during this, I am sure, very rigorous testing “science” experiment?

Oh, too soon? Tough.

The Lilly white liberals in NYC, Seattle, and yes, even up on the hill here in little sleepy Montesano want to jab their little kids to show how much they really care. If black and brown babies have to be put through medical experiments….well, you know. Its “science”.

Most of you have no idea what the word RACIST actually means. Don’t worry, I do and I will tell you.

The term RACIST means a person who thinks and acts superior to another based on the color of their skin. It can manifest itself in a number of ways. The most glaring is the killing of the perceived other group for their own benefit.

Personally, I can’t think of a much more glaring example of pure racism than the experimentation on little babies in some North African hell hole for your own benefit.

There has been some eye opening revelations that have come out of all of this the last couple of years. We know what the public schools really are, and we know a whole bunch more about “science” and what is really going on.

So as you get ready to load up little Junior into his stroller and proudly march on down to the drug store. Try and not think about what went into the “science”. Try not to think about how the little baby special doses will only be available here…to the white liberal customers. Trust me on this, they won’t be sent to Africa.

Think happy thoughts. After all, I guarantee it wasn’t a bunch of liberal white babies that were used to get the “science” that produced it.

You want to know what a real racist looks like. Break our a mirror honey.