Follow up: Jabbing your little ones up to three shots…and climbing

Follow up to posting about Gov Inslee’s plan to jab your little ones down to 6 months old. Its getting worse. It started out, you may remember, at a two shot ….thing….then the drug companies all of a sudden pulled the paperwork.

Insert head scratching.

Well now we know. It turns out two wasn’t doing it. Now they want three. Also keep in mind you are going to need to booster them every four months or so as they wear off. Ya, the three, again, is just to start.

By the time your little kid I say 10….well, you do the math. Go ahead….I dare you.

By this time next year, Inslee will make sure you can’t even put your kid in child care without it. You have no idea what is coming for you. Oh, and don’t worry, you have a few years until you are going to have to explain to them why you offered them up. Im sure you can come up with something.