Drug Co changing expiration dates on expired vaccine doses

Well, it really isn’t a vaccine but Ill play the word game. Ok kids, what’s up for today?

I know, lets take all the vaccines that they can’t sell and have expired ….and change the expiration dates. I know I know, the attached message to doctors is being issued in a third world country. Australia. I mean come on….it would never ever happen here. We are much more civilized here.

That’s just for them. Feel secure about hauling your 12 year old on down to the drug store. Everything is just fine. We have to think of all the $$ the drug company would just have to write off by throwing them away. So what if the compound in the dose is expired. We have to think of the health of the companies.

In fact….I have some clams in the freezer I was going to throw away……not anymore, expiration dates are well……more of a guideline. Anybody want to come over for dinner?