Mommy, why didn’t you fight for me?

There is a reason that people entering prison for harming children (in any form) are immediately locked away in a “special” place in the prison. If they didn’t, the murderers, rapists, and thieves in there would kill them.

Even the lowest of society recognizes that you don’t hurt children.

Lets cut the crap. All this talk about Inslee and his merry band of fat overweight teachers in Seattle that forced this stuff on our children the last two years is just that. Pure crap.

None of them care about saving any lives, other that their own of course. All you have to do is look at the late term abortions and even the babies born alive that they kill every year.

Or perhaps take a look at the number of opioid deaths in the state every year. Dying right out in front of you in their own filth. Go look.

Lots of money to be made and Olympia hands to be greased in abortion and opioid addiction.

Its all a sham and you know it.

I never did wear a mask. Adults can make up their own mind. Even the CDC said these cloth masks don’t stop anything, but we all were supposed to pretend.

And like good little sheep you pretended. Now you pay the price.

An entire generation of little children absolutely ruined both psychological and psychical. They will never get over it. Pretend all you want if it makes you feel better.

What comes next is going to be really interesting to watch.

Now the real acting will begin. These kids are going to grow up. Bringing a whole host of things with them. Depression, increased drug and alcohol problems, socially stunted, and less educated than any other generation. And there isn’t a thing you are going to be able to do about it.

The teen pregnancy and drop out rates are going to be crushing.

The pretending you did with the masks will come in handy and there will be a whole lot of pretending to come.

It will start in the school where standards are quietly dropped and you pretend your little darling is just doing so well. You can’t take two years of education away from a kid and not have a major impact. On top of that, the kids hate schooling now. Just look at the drop out rate.

Its so bad that the Wa State Senate just passed legislation to fund “empty seats” in school now. Ya, it’s that bad.

To me, the most interesting conversations will be later on. When the kids grow up enough to be able to find out what was done to them. And they will find out. Even if they have to have someone else read it to them.

The resentment and anger will first be directed toward parents, and then at society as a whole. Count on it.

There isn’t a parent out there who allowed someone to mask their child that, frankly, doesn’t deserve what is coming to them.

The mask never was about any type of safety. There was no science behind it. If there was any science it would have been used universally here in the country. It wasn’t. Even in the most strict lock down places around the world….they left the kids alone.

It was only used in Blue states by Blue Governors under the thumb of teacher unions. Bought and paid for politicians. Period.

The death rate from Covid was in people over 85 and people who were obese. A good 70% of them in nursing homes. The kids were harmed to protect obese teachers and state workers propping up Inslee. Period.

If the kids have to be hurt… be it. And you just played along.

Children in other states are going to be just fine.

It is only in places like Washington State that our government and the little minions that prop him up around him, that little children were harmed.

The mask “optional” thing has been tried and it is interesting to see what teachers are noticing.

Especially the little girls.

If there is any good that came out of all this, it is that the veil is completely pulled from the face of the public schools. Their reputation is hovering somewhere around a used car salesman.

No, the murders and thieves in our state prisons have a stronger hold on moral authority than our state government workers and public schools …..and most of you walking around for that matter. Its one thing I share with them.

I don’t abide anyone who harms children either.

Don’t like having your actions thrown back in your face.

Screw you, you piece of child hurting crap.