As the City Turns

Look, I’m busy playing Elden Ring. Up to almost level 400, I don’t have time for this stuff. Phone beeping, annoying emails busting my calm. So I have to get out of my bathrobe, brush the crap off my truck windshield and schelp up to city hall. You know I hate going into that place.

Ok, so I get contacted from a resident about someone claiming to be a city employee knocking on their door and telling…..telling….them to take their fence down and replace it with something people can look through. Oh, and no more than four feet high.

Get this……and I quote. “or the city will sue you”.

I know what you are thinking. What kind of sick little piece of …you know….wants to go around looking in folks back yards? Screech, the dogs jumping over those little fences would keep emergency rooms full though. Good money in it for the right people.

Anyway, it is so bizarre I started counting fences as I drove from my end of town to city hall. I saw over 20 just in a few blocks. All 6 foot wooden fences.

Now this is sort of important as according to this resident (I’m not naming them here they are upset enough) this person claiming to be a city employee stated he isn’t aware of any other 6 foot wooden fences here in Montesano. Just theirs.

Ya, I know. Must be hundreds of them,

Anyway, the two young ladies at city hall were very nice. They couldn’t think of any city employee that would do that. When I asked if there was something retaliatory going on, they couldn’t think of anything. Especially when I brought up the hundreds of other fences -quietly and safely keeping people’s dogs secure.

While everyone is shaking their heads about now it might be a good idea to keep an eye out for anyone claiming to be a city employee knocking on your door. Get their picture, vehicle etc. Check city IDs. You just never know anymore and as always contact Montesano PD if you think something/ someone is suspicious or going on.

As much as I don’t put anything past this group at city hall, even I can’t imagine what kind of a snerdly little bureaucrat twit would bother someone about his fence like this…..let alone threaten them. Keep an eye out kids. Something stinks here.

The second issue that is keeping me from entering the Mountains of the Giants and finishing this Playstation game is that silly rumor about moving the jail next to Beacon Elementary school.

Again, what politician up at the county would commit political suicide and approve that?

To recap, the county is in current negotiations to purchase part of those old cow fields next to the school. I checked this morning on the status. It hasn’t been purchased yet. Sure the Sheriff wants it to build a new jail….good luck with that…..a park is more likely to appear there though. So hold the panic…….the sheriff will get his new jail, it just won’t be next to a bunch of 1st graders. I mean come on, can you imagine the prisoners leaning out the windows yelling at the kids to shut up so they can watch Judge Judy? It ain’t going to happen.

Still…….best to keep an eye on these things. There will be a couple of local good ole boys trying to grease the right palm. Concerned residents should let the county commissioners know they are watching them………I mean really really watching them.

I’m going back to my game now. Leave me alone.