Truth Social a review

Its been about three days since I got the notice that the wait was over. Truth Social was open for business.

I have to admit even I was having my doubts due to the delay. Devin Nunes was taking his time and didn’t want to let everyone in until the site was good and ready. Despite the clambering and pooh poohing from traditional press. Oh heck, why sugar coat it…the liberal press.

Nunes and his team were waiting to finalize a deal with for proper hosting and behind the scene sausage making. He was right to wait. The system seems flawless.

Everything just works. Keep in mind that the platform is just currently open to Apple iPhone app. No desktop, and no Android.

With that in mind I frankly wasn’t expecting all that much initial traffic. I was very wrong.

To put things in perspective I have been on Twitter since oh about 2009 or so. On and off, sometimes active, sometimes not and sit around 3,000 followers.

Im over 1,000 on Truth Social in three days. I haven’t done all that much either.


Well, I went on over to the tweeting bird place and people I know kept asking me what it is like. I’ll tell you what I told them. If you have a tweet bird account it will make sense to you, if you don’t, it won’t.

First, it is refreshing to actually see what people are posting that I follow. The other place won’t let you see them unless they are posting something the company wants you to see. Nobody is trying to sell you crypto, there are no bots. Where I was getting a good 20 messages a day from hot young 20 year old girls just dying to meet someone like me, and wanting desperately to send me their pictures…….I get none of it there. Ya I know.

Nobody has yet ask me to send them a picture of my feet either.

Everyone is giddy. Friendly, people actually say hello and mean it.

There is just a vibe that I haven’t seen on any social media platform.

Oh sure, occasionally some liberal troll tries to pop up and cause trouble. You can almost hear the block buttons go off and everyone goes back to talking and posting pictures of their cats in-between political and social topic discussions.

In three days I haven’t been threatened by site administrators, banned, shadow banned or put in purgatory. Nobody has told me I can’t say something, nor have I seen anyone post anything that couldn’t be said around a dinner table with grandma present.

Its just basically a bunch of nice people. A complete contrast to the sewer that is the house of the bird or even FB.

Just based on my experience and what I am reading from others on the site, interaction, follower counts, everything is amplified.

From a technical standpoint there are still a few issues the techs need to work out. Edit buttons and the such. The site itself is running perfectly.

There are things built into the site to automatically put warnings on some things. I can understand that.


If the Truth Social team can roll out this successfully with only one third of their potential users even being able to get in, it is going to be massive. They are already streaming in by the millions.

The site is still new, I am sure there will be bumps, I have no doubt the team will deal with them.

Truth Social is a classic mousetrap. If you build it, they will come.

The big guy hasn’t even shown up yet. It s going to be Huuuuge.

You can find me @montesanotoday.