Steinbeck’s Turtle

Its a toss up between giggles or pity. Washington State under Jay Inslee has gone into the toilet.

Sure…..sure, you have to feel sorry for those still putting their kids into the public school system in this state, but hey, they aren’t our kids.

Gas going up to 8-10$. Not my problem, I only buy a tank or two a year.

The saving grace for all of us here in Grays Harbor, and here in Montesano especially, is the decent of Seattle into an utter third world country.

You would have to be nuts to go into that place. Seriously.

And the worse it gets…….the better for us. Go Inslee!

Our property values are going up and up and up. My house went up 10K since the fed started raising rates. We are a bargain here. A house selling for say 400k here in Monte is going for a good 700k in Olympia. Olympia going up and un affordable as the hordes leave Seattle trying to stay close to the city. We are sitting on little gold mines.

The only thing that will stop it is if Seattle cleans up. Don’t worry, It won’t happen.

I just have to make a literary reference here. For those of you with a public school education Ill explain, Steinbeck wrote a passage in the Grapes of Wrath that stuck with me.

As the Joad family desperately searched for a place to live, they passed a turtle on the side of the road. Having fallen on its back, unable to right itself. It was doomed.

Seattle is on its back. Its voters will allow the city to spiral into a hell scape. And still vote to continue it. They will sacrifice everything, including their own children. The sickness is that severe.

Yes, It is bad for them, but very very good for us.

Little birdies in the state house are telling me that Inslee is livid that he can’t get a job with the Biden Administration. His plan. The reasoning being bantered about is that it is because he is a white male. (Try and hold back the laughter).

The truth, however, is that his reputation is so dismal due to laziness and incompetence, about the best he could do is an ambassadorship to someplace like Cambodia.

Rumors coming out of the state house is he is now planning on running again. He has no place to go.

Those little boys in black running around smashing windows are making us bank! Go Antifa! Bad for the state, yes, but for those of us that are property owners here in Montesano…….it’s gold chains and motorcycles. Hell, Seattle carjacking growth is a part of my retirement plan.