Inflation – What you can expect

Im not even that active here anymore and still get letters about this.

I sit with pure amazement watching Biden and Inslee do their Communist thing and wonder, frankly, how all of you can be this stupid. Really.

Then it sort of dawned on me.

You see, as you get older, you sort of forget you are older. Trust me on this.

You guys didn’t go through the 70s. Or most of you were too young to know what was going on. Ill go into it a bit.

Jimmy Carter gets most of the blame, but in his defense, he got in partly because it was starting to rage under Gerald Ford. Ford was ineffective and did nothing other than give everyone Whip Inflation Now Buttons. I still have one in a box someplace.

Carter, bless his little peanut picking heart, just didn’t have the guts to do what Reagan did as soon as he was elected. That being raising interest rates higher than the inflation. At the time about 12% if memory serves. Even then it took a few years to tame it.

Do the math. A few years AFTER you decide to stop it. Three more years of Biden, we are looking at a good 5-7 years coming at you. Its just getting started. On top of the last year. Each year more and more.

It doesn’t stop. It can’t stop. It is a live living thing and will continue to thrive and grow until it is killed.

One thing we had going for us back then is that everything was made here in the United States. We didn’t have shortage problems. Now we do. Look at the baby formula. Today Harley-Davidson shut down production. Its going to be real bad.

It won’t matter much, as you won’t have the money to buy much.

This year you are going to spend an average of 5k on gas. Last year it was about 2k. Washington State gas pumps are being fitted to sell gas at more than $10 per gallon. It will be so bad, all but the most well off of you will be able to drive much.

Groceries are going through the roof. What ever you are paying today to feed your family for a week……start planning on doubling it. It might be much more, remember, back then we had Reagan to come in after a few years and Congress was not spending like they are now. It could be much much worse.

Diesel and fertilizer are already as much at 100% higher than they were a year ago. Many farmers are cutting back production. It will be brutal.

People with hard assets like paid off vehicles, houses, etc….will be just fine. They will be appreciating along with the inflation. Anything really. I have a fairly extensive high end guitar collection. It went up in value 10k last year. This is how it works.

Who will be hurt by this will be young people. Young families especially. Forget about getting ahead, it will be all they can do just to keep their families fed and the rent paid….which will be going up yearly. Luxury will be measured in terms of the quality of food they can afford.

We didn’t have a crime problem. Back then criminals were locked up. You have one now, and that is the real wild card this time around. Ill let you speculate what is coming in that regard.

Its going to be bad. Meanwhile, both Jay Inslee and Joe Biden are going to run again. From a personal standpoint, it would be good for me financially. Im old, I have stuff and don’t have any debt.

I am curious though to see just how truly stupid the voters of this state, and nation, have become. The reality of flirting with Communism (Democrats) is much different than the reality. Wouldn’t you say?