Im sure you woke up this morning just as pissed off as I am. It takes a couple of days for the shock of this type of thing to start wearing off.

Ive seen a lot of things in my 70 years on this rock. But I have never seen a group of 80 men stand around while little children screamed in pure terror begging for help while they died and were bleeding out. Never.

I honestly can’t think of one person I have ever met, women included that wouldn’t have run into that school and gladly sacrificed their life to swarm that animal. Damn the risk. No one.

Not this generation though. Oh no. To quote that Texas LT last night on CNN. “they could have been shot”. Well duh numbnut, that’s what we pay you for.

That little jerk with the hat dodged all the questions yesterday as well at the quicker than the eye presser.

Forget the fact they are supposed to be police, what about just being a man?

Instead of charging that school, ramming a police car into the wall to breach the room, fill it with tear gas, anything to stop him as he picked off kids for an entire hour, they spent the time handcuffing parents that were trying to do it themselves.

No, Texas Law Enforcement, your lives were not more important. They were secondary to those little children. Not one of them was man enough to tell his supervisor “screw you” and charge that room.

Not one. Let that sink in for a minute. Not one of them out of 80.

An hour until someone brave enough from Border Patrol drove up to handle it. He took a bullet for it too.

We are seeing this more and more. The police won’t act. Its all about paychecks and pensions now. Oh and wearing a stupid hat. Real tough guys right?

Everyone is on this and disgusted. Liberal, conservative, all media….everyone.

Texas law enforcement have found a way to unite the country. We all think they are total and complete candy asses. And more.

Two days ago the Gov, the Lt Gov, and a litany of other state department heads out and out lied to us about what went on. Just lied.

We have a real problem in this country.

If risking your life isn’t worth it for screaming little children being killed in front of you…..what the hell is?