Uvalde police seek protection

Well…..regular readers here over the years know my problem with irony. I have trouble with. Probably something in my head that just doesn’t connect the dots.

I ask my wife…“honey, is this ironic?” and she says yes or no.

Yesterday I didn’t have to ask. It looks like the Uvalde Police Department, according to reporting. Sun UK, CBS, is now bringing in police officers from around the state of Texas to protect them.

Reporting via UK Sun

Ya….I know.

I can only hope those officers called in sort of group up and form say in San Antonio and treat Uvalde as more of a “barricade” situation and delay entering into town.

The teddy bears and flowers have been put up in the town square and the funerals are starting. Probably about tomorrow or so the rage is going to start building and replace shock. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, mothers, brothers, fathers and sisters. A town rage unlike any other that I don’t think we have ever seen.

I would imagine already there isn’t a Uvalde Police Officer in sight anywhere. They can’t park anywhere and watch a street. They can’t walk around, the scorn must be intense already. The Police Chief is in hiding. No, he really is.

It looks like while the 19 officers were standing around in the hallway pissing their pants saying “you go in”. “no, you go in“, an off duty Border Patrol agent drove up in civies, took one of the bullet shields from one of the scared officers and charged the room. He knew a cluster-fuck when he saw one.

He took rounds to the shield and one to the head. And killed that animal, saving who knows how many. They won’t tell us how many were still alive in the room. Ive heard four.

This story is ripping the guts out of the country. Yes, we should be saddened and horrified at the terror inflicted on little children. We should also be very concerned about the break of the bond between police and the population.

Via AP

Sure, there are still men in the departments. The off duty Border Patrol agent that saved the day proved that. But…..but….I keep going back to the 19 in the hallway who just stood around for an hour because some clown pissing his pants Police Chief was scared. Not one of them.

19 sworn officers.

The bond has been broken and will have long lasting implications. Every parent in this country now realizes that the pussification of men has finally reached into police departments. It isn’t just liberal cities like Seattle or Portland anymore, where it is just paychecks and pensions. It has crept into small towns.

City liability, best to just not do anything.

Few years to retirement…….wait this one out.


Society has a bond with the police, or had. We pay them better than most of the people they have power over make. We give them better health care than we have. We give them pensions, something none of us have. Every thing we can.

We treat them with respect at every opportunity we can. I would also like to think that each and every one of us would come to their aid with out asking if need arises. Most would. Willingly.

We do all that knowing that they would risk their life to protect our wives and children.

Anyone want to guess the number of gun sales going on this week across the country?

The bond has broken.

I am going to put some blame on the shoulders of the department. All of them. When the local mayors and city managers started neutering them, they all should have stood down. Stood up together and said no. But they didn’t.

Here recently our State Police officers just looked the other way while Gov Jay Inslee fired their fellows. Some pregnant that didn’t want to take that 12% effective immunity ruining jab with unknown ramifications on their unborn child.

Just looked the other way. State Police. Think about that for a minute. Said nothing, just stood there, bent over and spread their cheeks.

I honestly don’t know where we go from here. I do know one thing, this country can not stand as it is.

We are losing Sheriff Rick Scott. He put a bubble around this county for a lot of years and did his best to keep this nonsense away from us. I don’t know who will be coming in behind him. Will it be someone who will protect the county, or more concerned with the shade of green on the uniforms.

We have a handful of officers here in town that we all know well. Are they going to be enforcing the law, or enforcing the political will of scared city administrators.

We don’t know.

When the riots come, and they will………its going to be every man for himself. Nobody trusts anyone anymore.