Win for life

I never thought I would actually see it. The Supreme Court finally quit pussy footing around and took a stand.

Here is the deal.

The left can’t help themselves. They have no moral center. It started with “life of the mother” and has now morphed into killing children after they have been born. Babies left screaming on a delivery table. Doctors, if they still call themselves that, just stand there. Churches, for the most part, just looking the other way. Of course something was going to change.

Governors such as Jay Inslee here used the Roe ruling as cover. Now, the cover is gone. You have a face to point a finger at and oh yes….the fingers will be pointing.

Its only a matter of time until even liberal places like west coast states start putting restrictions on what abortion has turned into.

There is no constitutional right to abortion. It is a state issue, and the fight will now move to the states. It is going to become very interesting.


Here in the county we don’t have all that much to worry about. There are cameras everywhere and all churches, even if they won’t admit it, have armed people scattered in the pews. Cameras and security are in place. Besides that, people here wouldn’t put up with it. You may have a dozen of wanna be protesters jumping around in Aberdeen for an hour, but that is about it.

Now Seattle, that is a different matter. They made their bed and as far as I am concerned, they can lay in it. It will probably burn. I won’t shed any tears.

The good news is it will drive up our property values again!

What will be interesting to see is if the residents allow the little merry bands of rioters into the residential neighborhoods. Remember one thing, there has been no greater gun salesman in the history of this state than Jay Inslee. People are armed to the teeth……and ready.

Stay out of Seattle.