Grays Harbor PUD sounds alarm of possible quadruple rate hike

Well what did you think was going to happen? Kudos again to the GH PUD Commissioners for not hiding behind their elected desks. In a follow up to the article sent out to all the customers last month, Commissioner Dave Timmons, (District 2) wrote an op ed with a dire warning. You better start paying attention.

Let me hit the highlight.

Commissioner Timmons outlined what is going to happen should our Dear Leader Inslee and his merry little band of Communists actually take their hammers and destroy the dams on the Snake and Columbia river. In his article, he relates that the PUD is currently charging about 3.5 cents per kilowatt hour that could jump up to about 15.8. cents. Ya, you are reading that right.

It turns out that to replace that power generated by the dams with solar or wind is going to be quite the clown show.

In addition, Commissioner Timmons also outlines the reasoning for the dam destruction. Its worth the read if for no other reason than to learn the dams have one of the most state of the art salmon spillways anywhere in the world. Currently allowing for oh about 95% of the fish to jump on through.

That isn’t enough for Inslee. You are about to see your $80 a month electricity bill jump up into the $500 a month category.

As I stated, you better start paying attention.

I also want to make note that the monthly newsletter further relates possible supply problems in obtaining parts to just fix things like transformers during a storm. Kudos again for not hiding it and actually warning the people here.

Make note of this, and store a little extra. We have been spoiled around here with quick power fixes during storms. That may not be the situation in the future.

……oh, one more thing…….a rate increase like this will make that $5.69 a gallon of gas look cheap to you as you start to pay way above that to charge your brand new electric car. Way above $5.69………if there is enough electricity to go around that is.