Montesano Schools/Student Conundrum

MONTESANO: 10 Aug 2020

bulldogartThis is a tough one isn’t it my fellow maroon and grey obsessed neighbors.  You can see it from both sides.  I lose track.  I think they are going to try and have full classes.  I see Aberdeen has already reversed course.   Bless their little hearts.  That would last a week until someone starts coughing and the teachers come running out, jump into their Prius and leave nothing but the trail of french fry oil in the air.

Well, at least until Nov 4th, when we all know the All Clear siren will sound.

So close to Xmas, it will be January until the little cherubs twaddle back to their desks.  What is left of them that is.

It is my opinion that our local superintendent, Dan Winter, is one of the best in the nation.  I really mean that.  If he says something, I listen.  At the district level there is no better caring, qualified, or experienced man to have sitting up there during a time of absolute crisis.

The crisis at hand is something we all have a role to play in.  Even if we don’t have a child in the system anymore.

Disturbing articles are starting to appear that predict as much as a 50% drop out rate at the high school level.  Don’t think we are special.  It will hit this town like a brick to the face.

A 16 year old kid that will have a lost year is going to be hard to convince to go back to the classroom.  17,18 year olds….even harder.   If they can find them that is.   They are getting on with their lives.  Frankly, we adults have screwed up things so bad, who can blame them?

Little kids?  God this is depressing to write.

We as a community need to be talking about the value of education at every opportunity. It should be coming from our local elected leaders,…..ya, I know…..I know…..

The devastation of an entire generation of children educationally stunted, or cut short can’t be put into words.  I was tempted to look into the increase of drug use,  but was depressed enough.

So what do we do?  The district needs help, although I doubt they even know what to ask for.  The parents need help.  The kids need help.  And nobody knows what to do.

It will become clear at some point, and that is the time our town can show what it is really all about.

Bulldogs never quit.