Mail slowdown hits Montesano

0-1MONTESANO: 9 AUG 20 -By now you have been reading about this happening across the country.  I have read a lot of it over the last two days.

Last Friday we still had not received a closing check from Aberdeen on some property we sold.  I called the title company and was assured they mailed it a week ago.  Aberdeen to Montesano?  Over a week?  Really?

I went into the Montesano Post Office to inquire.  Not only about this, but about the two bills and letter from my grand daughter that haven’t shown up in a month.  Just gone.  Vanished.

The clerk told me that it is routine now for mail to take over a week to get from Aberdeen to Montesano.  She further related that the Post Office is not treating mail as a priority.  Only packages.  She had no explanation for the missing mail.  What they do with the mail while it piles up.   None.

I spent the weekend talking to people here in town and spoke to a half dozen people.  All having the same problems.  How wide spread it is I don’t know.

Articles on the net are telling people to not use the mail to pay bills.  Say goodby to your credit if you do, and you will never know they didn’t get it if it didn’t show up.  Also warnings from articles not to place anything important in the U.S. mail.  Original documents etc.  Might be good advise.

I’m not going to get into the theories, you will read them for yourself if you go looking.

Did your primary ballot get counted?  Will your ballot in November?   Well, one thing for sure we can count on…..the right ballots will be counted.

How long this will last, frankly I don’t know.  We pay and elect public officials to do that for us.  You will grow old waiting for them to look into it in this town I suspect.  You are on your own.



FOLLOW UP: 13 AUG 2020 –  Did receive a phone call from postmaster.  Well, wife did.  That was nice.  Still don’t know why mail takes over a week to get from Aberdeen to Montesano or where it is all kept.  Still missing License Renewal letter that was mailed a  month ago.  We had to go on line and do it as our car tab was now expired.  That one came in in a few days.  Who knows what happened to the one the state sends?  State mail just gone.  Still missing two bills and one bank statement.  All mailed weeks ago from different parts of the country.  Had to call everyone to get re sent.  Where the mail is ending up.  Who knows?  In fairness to the local PO, they can only deliver what actually gets to them.   We have spent the week getting rid of any piece of monthly mail we possibly can.  You do what you want.  I don’t trust it.