Montesano Chicken Raising

Montesano Chicken Raising

IMG_0136One posting I meant to do sooner is on our little backyard flocks.  Summer is quickly going to be gone but there is still time for you newbies.

The first one of these I put up was oh, about 5 years ago when I got my first flock.  I knew nothing about raising chickens in the city.  I know a lot now.  Pretty much everything.

The city of Montesano allows us to have 6 of them.  No roosters.  There is a reason for it.

I am on the edge of town and have an acre.  Only one neighbor really, and got the bright idea I could sneak one in.  Talked to the neighbor, who also has his little flock, and he didn’t care.

Down at the farm store you see the roosters here and there.  People trying to find homes for them.  I picked one up and brought it home.  He immediately took control of the flock.  And then the crowing started.  All day long.  It may not have been bothering my neighbor, but it was bothering me.  He went back to the farm store.

Roosters are great, don’t get me wrong.  They just don’t fit into city living.

Now my little initial flock had shrunk down to three.  Five years is starting to get old forIMG_9694 a chicken.  I thought it was time to go down the the farm store and pick up some new chicks and integrate them into the flock.   Ya, I’m over the limit for a while, but if the city chicken inspector comes complaining I will claim they are just visiting.  

I even had a new coup I had made and when they were old enough I put them outside into their new home.  Now they won’t leave it and the old chickens won’t leave the old coup.  Yes, I am cleaning two coups now.

They all get along fine and are a joy to have.

I always highly recommend keeping a group of chickens.  Especially during these times.  If the world goes to you know what… have daily protein.  All of mine have names so I could never eat them.  But you could…..I guess.

Its getting a little late in the year to pick up the three day old chicks from the farm store.  You can find plenty of young birds on their bulletin board or craigslist.  They are very easy to keep and care for.

My only advise would be to build a coup before you bring them home.  They don’t need much, just a home.  I have a four foot fence in the front of the backyard.  Never has one even tried to jump it.  If they did, they would jump right back.  They don’t wander far from home so don’t worry about it.

Chickens pretty much eat what you do.  There are a few things not to give them, just do a search and it’s pretty easy.  They pretty much take care of themselves.  Flock raiser feed and treats are at the home store.

I have three cats and they are all a little scared of them and have never had a problem.  Same with the dog.   Questions?  The guys and gals at the farm store are more than happy to help you down at the Montesano Farm and Home store.  They have heard all the questions before and have anything you might need.

Now….go get yourself some chickens.