Kaboom! Montesano property values exploding

Montesano getting hot hot hot!  If you can find something to buy.  Look, I am sure there are some people in Seattle we should be feeling sorry for.  There must be, and I try and remember that while gleefully rubbing my dirty capitalist hands together.

I mean they are trying to recall that nutball mayor.  Wait, I forgot, they want to replace her with someone even more far left.  Fat stacks!  Gold chains and motorcycles.  We can waste what is left over.

According to real estate tracking there was a whopping 1,500 percent increase of people leaving….no hot footing….out of Seattle in July over last year.  And that was before the peace loving protesters started to wander into residential neighborhoods demanding the residents evacuate.  August should be even better for us.

Seattle people are pushing into the Tacoma area and driving up their prices so high…..Tacoma people are pushing into Olympia……driving up prices so Olympia people are pushing out……to us.  At an even greater rate than normal.

Between Inslee and the voters of Seattle, frankly I don’t see the end of our good fortune.

You probably are aware that interest rates are rock bottom.  Even I did a re-fi.  Don’t have much left on a mortgage, but how do you pass up under 3% interest?

Was absolutely shocked at the appraiser report.  40-50k higher than I thought it would be.    And that was before the July numbers came out.

To put it in prospective.  For every 100k your house is valued….start adding 2,3,4 % every month or two.  Huge numbers.  With no end in sight.

Ive been in my current house about 20 years.  Never once has a real estate agent knocked on my door.  Twice in the last 30 days they have.

Montesano and Elma are very well poised to cash in on this bonanza.

Ordinarily I am not in favor of watching cities burn and the rule of law destroyed.  If I cash out, I promise to spend time thinking about how dirty my money is and try to not enjoy it.  I’ll try anyway.  I will name any new boat “the Durkan”.