The ole’ Vaccination Shuffle

Ordinarily…..I am all in favor of public health.  We are civilized after all.

When I was in the Military and stationed in Taiwan, one of my jobs was to join the local police and round up the local prostitute bar girls who were giving a rather nasty venereal disease to our fighting men on R&R visiting the lovely island.   There was an actual list the base hospital gave us.   And it is a lovely island BTW.

Now THAT was a forced vaccination program that I fully supported.

What is coming here is a rushed vaccine by any kind standard.  “Oh….I just won’t take it”, you naively chortle.  Good luck with that.  The Taiwan Prostitutes mentioned above had a better chance of making a clean getaway.  Get it….clean getaway?  Nevermind.

No, at some point here, very shortly,  you will begin to get notices.  Be here at (fill in the blank).  Or else.  It won’t do any good to ignore it.  Remember those thousands of Government contract tracers under Jay Inslee’s control?  You will soon enough.

The infrastructure is being put in place.

Don’t get me wrong.  We aren’t savages.  No one is going to strap you into a chair and fiendishly hold a dripping needle over their head while an Igorish hunchback jumps up and down clapping its meaty hands shouting “again..master..again”.

It will be much more subtle.  And much more terrifying.

You will need your Government Vaccination card to access the DMV, your local supermarket, put your kids in whatever dystopian institution is existing to call itself a school.  You will need it to do anything other than sit on your couch.  Probably a marker placed on your door to identify you as a danger.  Think I’m kidding?  You don’t know Jay Inslee.

House arrest, or whatever cool word they use, will be the order of the day for those who refuse their Government cocktail.

Currently only about half of us are willing to take the thing.  I’m pretty sure that number will start going up as information starts getting specific.  If we are allowed to know that is.

Currently any questioning of this subject is an automatic removal from Twitter.  We are being conditioned.

Will the rushed vaccine be safe?  Who knows?  I have about the same criteria as confessing my sins to a preacher.  “You first!”

I do get a flu shot every year.  I’m an old man now, it’s the smart thing to do.  There is an entire industry behind them.  History.  What is coming down the pike on this Covid thing….not so much.  It is a political disease and being used politically.

I was real hungry once and walked up to a food truck in a city I was visiting.  He tried to sell me a burrito looking thing.  I asked him what was in it.  He wouldn’t tell me.  Said it was good though.

I decided to wait.  I think I will wait on this thing too.

Oh, don’t worry if they get this thing wrong.  They will just make a new vaccine and it will start all over again.

Better living through chemistry.