Restaurants, Bars & Gyms Oh My!

Our tin pot dictator Jay Inslee has got a real taste for it now.  He has taken this flu and run with it.  Of course it’s mortality rate is less than the common cold, but that doesn’t matter.  He set the rules for going forward.  It’s not the feds destroying the state….it’s Jay Inslee.

Despite the fact that well over half of any deaths associated with this thing are in nursing homes and the such, the state economy must be destroyed.  He wants a job in the Biden administration and this is his chance to virtue signal his way in.  Everybody knows it.  Even the Democrats.

“Oh….don’t worry, all those businesses will just find new people to start them”…….we have all heard this one.  I have to admit it is still just as funny every time I hear it.

Sure they will.  Head on over to craigslist and pursue the business eqpt being sold…for pennies on the dollar.  Nobody is going to be stupid enough to restart these things.  What happens when the flu hits next year?  And the year after?  More idiotic mask wearing shutdowns.  We have the baseline now.  I can’t think of a dumber thing to put your money into than these shut businesses.  Well, maybe anything tourist related.  Wait, I know.  Opening a business in Seattle!

Remember the two weeks to flatten the curve?  Ya, they are hoping you forget.  No this thing is pretty much permanent now.  A nice control vehicle don’t you think?

Biden stated this week that if he gets in, come January,  he will implement even stronger lockdowns nationwide.

As of today only about 10% of the population has been exposed and it is what, about 8,9 months?  Start doing the math.  We have another 90% to go.

Yes, get ready for years and years and years of this.  And then when it is finally….finally all over.  Some guy is going to take a plane from someplace and come visit the US…..and it starts all over again.

If you haven’t started to put money into canned food and shotguns yet, you might want to start thinking of the ramifications of destroying the state economy.  These little bandaids out there are starting to come loose.

Since you are home with nothing to do but worry about how you are going to feed your family……re read 1984.  It will cheer you up.