Do your eyes ache from staring into your psychomanteum ?  Anxiety building as you sit night after night  by a candle deciphering a quatrain of Nostradamus?  Break that cursed mirror and close up the book…..lose yourself in learning the deeper meaning of Q. Or Qanon.

Look, I love a good conspiracy as much as anyone.  Hillary Clinton eating the flesh of children?  Come on….of course!  The moon landing?  Maybe a bad example, we all know that was filmed at Universal.

You can’t turn on a TV or read an article anymore without hearing about the mysterious Q.  Trump is even being asked about it.

What does it mean?  Who is he?  Is it a he?  What does he eat for breakfast? Who are all the followers of Q?  Do they have a handshake?   You get the idea.

The short answer is I don’t know.  The more you start looking around, the less you know.

Apparently, there is a guy in DC with insider information.  He drips it out, often in code or needing a guided reading to understand.  I know I know……how do I get on this mailing list?  Right?

I’m not going to get into the details here, you can go look around.  

The followers of Q are everywhere and nowhere.  Everywhere on social media and organized.  I follow some of them and am just as confused as everyone else.  There are, of course, people who follow with a big Q, and others a little q.  Some in-between.

They have meetings and speakers.  And there are a bunch of them locally.  I am including screen shots of a meeting program from one here locally recently. (way too lazy to type it all out so you will have to read it from the pictures)

They believe in liberty, freedom, and the American family.    This isn’t a dangerous group.  A little out there maybe….but considering the boys in black are now crapping in bags and throwing the bags at police and Jay Inslee is about to force you to take his covid injection….what is “out there” anymore?

I took the article picture at the Back the Blue rally in Olympia yesterday.  A real nice lady who was spreading the word of Q, I’m not going to say anything mean and she isn’t doing anything to hurt anyone.  Nobody is forcing anyone to drink the Q-aid.  But it is there for the thirsty. They are local and active.

The below meeting program and notes may or may not reflect what goes on at other meetings. It may just be a local interpretation. I don’t want to paint everyone with the same brush. As in all things….look around for yourself.

Is Q in Montesano?  Are there secret meetings going on in town?  Does Hillary Clinton eat children?

Stay tuned Bulldogs…I’m on this…stay tuned