And the silly season begins…..

And the Silly Season begins…..

Yes!  The date I have been anxiously waiting for.  September 1st.  The day I always put on my Swami hat and issue forth upon this great land my prognostications.

Two months to the elections.  

Well now.  I think it is all pretty darn clear to everyone what the end game to this dance is shaping up to look like.

Sleepy Joe Biden can’t win, everyone in the party knew it.  But then the heavens opened and ….wait, starting a bad metaphor here.  God and the late term abortion loving Democrats?  Naw – lets try again.

Luckily for the left, Covid hit.  Recently the CDC announced that only about 10,000 deaths in the country can be directly linked to the new disease.  Most of them in nursing homes.  The rest the left has been trying to scare people with died of something else, they just happened to have Covid.

Didn’t matter, they used it to throw half the country out of work and pretty much doom a generation of children education wise.  

The got the misery index up up and up.  Exactly the plan.

Enter the Communists.

Major cities are now destroyed.  They are emptying out.  Businesses will not return.  The rioting will not stop until after election day.

The end game is to make the election so convoluted that it will be impossible to actually certify the election.  Making, of course, Nancy Pelosi, the temporary President of the United States come January 20th 2021.

All it will take is one day.  A couple of executive orders…..and that will be it folks.

Once Communists take power, they don’t give it up.  Ever.  Ever.

September 25th and 26th will be the linchpin dates to keep an eye on.   Events going on nationwide that will be bringing patriots and the communists in direct conflict.  Give it another two weeks and pretty much all of them will be armed.  It is already starting.

The Left knows this is backfiring on them via the polling coming out of the swing states.  Even African-American voters are starting to lean in Trump’s direction.  Big time.  The left is in panic mode.  Paniced Communists do silly things.

Remember, the goal here is to have the country shut down as much as possible through voting season.  Early ballots are already being cast….it will escalate to its conclusion in early November.

Look for I-5 to be shut down.  And I’m not talking for just a few hours.   A thousand people in Los Angelas, Sacramento, Portland, and Seattle will be able to take care of that.  Police?  Forget about it.  Even the County Sheriff Department in Oregon are telling Kate Brown to stuff it.  Especially after the Portland District Attorney dropped charges against all 600 of the arrested rioters.  What idiot Sheriff would send their officers into that fun house?  For what?

No, the end game is to force Trump to activate the Insurrection Act and deploy the US Military in our major cities.  It is the optics they want….and by extension more chaos to give various state election commissions in swing states cover to delay certifying the election results……until after Jan 20th 2021.

With our freeways shut there will be no Amazon delivery.  No Post Office, no food in the grocery stores.  The first to die will be the elderly and people on medication.  


Gun sales are through the roof, u-hauls are pouring out of Seattle and Portland…’s going to be a show folks.

One thing I try and do going about my daily thing here is start a conversation and just let it go.  I want to know what the person I am talking to is thinking.  

To a person…….neighbor, friend, store clerk…..people coming out of the post office….to a person when the conversation turns to the topic at hand… is nothing but guns.

I did some research and gun/ammo sales aren’t just through the roof it is something beyond that.  58% of buyers are new gun owners.  If that doesn’t tell you something it should.   Conservatives already have guns, it sort of goes with the territory for most of them.  These are lefties afraid of their own party.  If only 10% of them swallow hard and break for Trump – it’s all over.  And the left machine knows it.

If you haven’t stocked up on food, water, medicine and supplies…….you have only yourself to blame for not being prepared.  More is better, especially as we live in earthquake country, but now you have an even better excuse.  You also might want to set up an account on just to keep up with everything you aren’t seeing on Twitter and Facebook.  

Interesting that Jay Inslee just directed that people are not allowed to gather and practice shooting on state land.  Fire danger you know.  Sure……I believe it.  Do you?


The goal of actually getting Biden to 270 Electoral votes has gone out the window for the left.  They know what these riots have done to the swing voter block.   These rioters might as well be holding giant TRUMP signs over their heads as they loot and rampage. They read the polling too and the direction ain’t looking too good.

Peaceful protesters actually tried to set Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s condo building on fire last night.  Apparently he isn’t radical left enough for them.  Kill everyone in the complex…..small price to pay.

The tactic now is to rely on the left voting by mail while the traditional Republican voters will not trust it and continue to go to the polls on election day.  Get ready for more fun.

The shock troops of the left are now organizing to wear conservative red hats and the such and disrupt voting poling places in conservative districts.  Think little mini riots that appear to be caused by Trump supporters.  The end result being that people don’t feel safe to get out of their car.   Chaos at the poling place.  They will all have masks on.    Remember the end result is to delay state certification until after January 20th 2021.  

Come the day after the election it will all become clear, but it won’t matter.  Its a race to poll closing time.  After that….well… know what will happen.

As the sun comes up, America will not know who won.  The Main Stream Media will now play its part in slowly trying to convince everyone that Trump must leave on Jan 20th.  The election will never be certified.

Enter Nancy Pelosi.  And it’s all over.

Now, in the mean time between Election day and Jan 20th…..that’s when things could really heat up.  People aren’t stupid.  Millions and millions of pissed off conservatives and all with guns.  You get the idea.

And you don’t think another American Civil War is in the making?  You are an idiot.

I could, of course, be wrong….but I don’t think I am.  There has been a fight coming for a long time now.

There is a reason you aren’t seeing Biden signs in lawns……there is a reason Twitter and Facebook are banning conservatives.  Something big is afoot and nothing less than a revolution in the making.  Don’t kid yourself.