BREAKING: Fires up and down the coast may be planned leftist attack

Too many stories to list here. Arrests in Wa, Or, and CA. Purposely set fires. You should see the mug shots. All young leftists.

One story:

From the article: “

Bunch more. Keep your eyes open.

A series of wildfires in Washington, Oregon, and California are now being considered arson – and sources tell Law Enforcement Today that they may be part of a “coordinated attack”.  Law enforcement throughout the west coast is reportedly being put on alert to look out for “opportunists” and those who may have more sinister motives.A number of arsonists are already in jail, and there a few on the run, we’re told.Federal law enforcement sources also tell Law Enforcement Today. that some of the people who started the fires may be connected in some way.”

MORE: Local Antifa arrested for starting fires –