Gun owners must pass Psych test to keep their guns under Democrats – Bill

Exactly where does Joe Biden and the merry band of Democrats stand on your right to own a firearm……lets take a look


FROM THE ARTICLE – “To obtain this license you would need to prove to unelected officials that you are of “sound mind and character,” you do not “potentially create a risk to public safety,” and you meet “any other requirements the State determines relevant.” No standards or guidelines are provided. Assuming anyone could qualify, authorities, “make a determination of suitability,” for your possession and ownership of firearms, including any you currently own.”

In addition to passing your psych test, (God I hope there are ink blots) there is also a character test. Trust me… won’t pass. This applies to ammunition as well. Within a year, that shotgun you have in your closet to protect your family will be gone. Inslee will see to it.