Christmas in the Soviet State of Washington

I know….I know…I said I was going to be back in October. Its been bugging me. I had a book published last spring and it sold well enough that the publisher asked for another one. I had thought the re write would be done in October but it took longer. Editors….scheech, can’t live with them….can’t live without them.

What jogged me back from a cycle of changing from my nite pajamas into my daytime pajamas…redux…was the train derailing here in town yesterday. There but for the grace of God this town didn’t go up in a fireball. Had that train been one of the coal or oil trains the good ole boys here were pushing down our throats a couple of years ago, well, there wouldn’t be a Montesano anymore and there wouldn’t be any of you alive to be reading this.

Oh….pooh poohing huh? Well a few hours later another train derailed up by Seattle with the oil cars. Kaboom! Last I heard they were still evacuating people through the fireball and smoke.

You people really need to be paying attention to these people that claim to be your community “leaders”. I use the term lightly. It’s all about campaign contributions and seating charts at the little wine parties. Trust me. You, your family, or your community matter very little to most of them.

We have a problem currently in town. There is no media. Don’t make me throw up and mention the Daily World.

Local radio and media are so in the pocket of their advertisers they are afraid to even cover them.

In the mean time everyone’s running amok. Yes, I looked up the definition and I’m sticking with the term.

Restaurant and bar owners….bankrupt. Countless families destroyed. For nothing. We all know it. What bothers me the most is what they are doing to the children of the community.

I don’t have any skin in the game anymore, but I still feel connected to the youth. This is my town. They are a part of it. I care about them. Which, to really piss off you parents with what I am about to say……apparently care more about them then you do.

The damage you sheep are doing to the kids is morally disgusting. I can only imagine the drugs being prescribed and psychological damage that is going to be with this generation.

I had lunch with a contact in the state department of education recently. You can all forget about 2021. They aren’t going to be opening. What about drop out rates? You ask……

Well this is a tricky one. You see the schools get federal money if they don’t classify kids as dropping out. Get an email from one of them every once in a while…..”Well they are sort of still in school”…. The real number is absolutely frightening of the 16-18 year old grouping. Frankly, I don’t blame them Its all a scam and everyone knows it. I’m hearing the true number is over 40%. A whole generation…..doomed to existing in a workforce with a substandard education. Doomed.

It wouldn’t be Christms without turning toward the Churches. Now I have been pretty clear over the years about my feeling about organized religion and churches in particular. I refuse to join any church that lets in people that support killing babies after botched abortions. You want to sit next to them and talk about the love of Jesus on Sundays …..knock yourself out. (if there is an actual church in town that isn’t kneeling at the golden calf of secular humanism, come get me…..I’m not doing anything on Sundays.)

What surprised me is that strip clubs and Walmart are allowed to do business, but a church……nah…….too judgy for Inslee. A good opportunity to kill them off . And it’s working really well.

And you sit and take it. So much for religious conviction.


Rounding back to the beginning we have a problem in town. We have no newspaper. No accountability.

I keep getting asked to start one. I have the time, the tech ability….blah blah blah. I just don’t know if I have the heart for it.

I’m thinking about it.

I wanted to deliberately make this post in your face for a reason. If I do this, I’m not going to pull punches. A newspaper should report the news. Its not there to be your friend. It shouldn’t cover news up to curry favor. I guess I’m just old school.

I’ll make up my mind after the first of the year. Until then my Christmas message to you all is…..

Never fall in love with a politician. They will only break your heart.