What a crock of horsecrap

I usually just gloss over anything the city sends out but this latest mayor’s newsletter is just too much.

Oh sure, what a caring bunch of guys and gals …right? Right?

Little hard to take after sitting up night after night for months listening to my wife scream in pain. Little hard to take consoling my many neighbors who had to put their pets to sleep. Hard to go along with it after more than a year of helping my neighbor Cory and his medical issues. Oh, there is a bunch more. A whole bunch more.

Those caring “Magnificent Seven” and the oh-so thoughtful Mayor were nowhere to be found. The city attorney wouldn’t let them talk to anyone in the neighborhood. We know that because he actually put it in writing he was so afraid. Despite our many many requests to have just one of them talk to us and help us. In writing. Any of them. No…make that begging for help. Nothing but silence. Police and fire departments restrained by city hall from enforcing the law and regulations in our neighborhood for political reasons.

Trust me folks. They ain’t there for anybody but themselves. As I said before, it’s all about the seating charts at the little wine parties up on the hill. Who is putting what into whose palm at the moment. Whose relative needs a job. Always….always follow the money.

Nepotism rules the day and as I have stated prior. You, your family, or this town matters very little to this group. Its all for show.

I posted last month about thinking of stating a local newspaper, but frankly just the thought of having to be in the same room with this bunch of fucknuckles, let alone actually have to speak to them is personally sickening to me.

You want to pretend, knock yourself out. Me, my neighbors, we know better.