Sunday Sermon 21 Feb 2021

The State of Harbor Media

Montesano Wa: via Montesano Today

I promised I would get into this and I am.

The recent series of postings concerning the Civil Rights lawsuit against the City of Montesano is a prime example of the complete failure of the local media.

Filed way back on the 12th of this month I, a complete putz that doesn’t even pay that much attention anymore to things, knew about it on the 13th when I turned on my computer.

Weeks starting to go by.  Still the residents of this town were being kept in the dark.


To answer that question one of two things is true.  Take your pick.  1.  They don’t want you to know.  2. They are completely  inept.

While a case can be made for both, personally, I am going with the desire to actually do their jobs.  Let me explain.

There isn’t a print, radio reporter,  or host in this county that will ask any agency that spends money on advertising around here a hard question or…..or…..print anything that embarrasses them.   They won’t bite the hands that feed them.

As several elected officials I have talked to have told me “ya, they are in a tough position”.

Well boo hoo.

This isn’t a secret. Tough position?  Tell that to the old lady living on $800 a month that is forced to give up a month worth of social security every year to feed fat cats at the the port and hospital district with no oversight.

I could go on.  

Despite the feel good face that is put on constantly to try and convince you that they care about this harbor, it is … the end….just a face.  The reality is quite dark.

Another example is the kid glove treatment they all give to local elected officials and agencies.  As one host told me: “if I ask hard questions, they won’t come back on my show”.  Ya, remember that next time you hear one of them on the air or see the interview in print.  

Remember that.

Circling back to the lawsuit against the city here,  I have an assignment for you all.

Lets actually put ourselves in the shoes of the deaf for a moment.

Go look up any video on youtube that any local government is feeding the public.   I’ll make it even easier for you.  With or with out masks on.

Now, turn off the volume and try and figure out what is going on.  For extra credit, imagine they are discussing your home and making decisions concerning your family and future.   Stick with it for an hour or so.

You won’t make it the full hour.  Trust me.

There are people living here that are deaf, blind,  and in wheelchairs.  Is it too much to ask that we listen to them and make some accommodations here and there so they aren’t left out of the basic services we all take for granted?

We aren’t talking all that much money.

Is it too much to ask the local media to at least report to the citizenry when things are so out-of-whack that local governments are sued in federal court under the Civil Rights Act to be forced to allow them to participate.


I answered my question already though.

By embarrassing certain people it makes it uncomfortable to mingle at the cocktail parties.  

And thats what it is really all about.

Small and large businesses alike have made the move toward making their facilities more friendly to those that need a little help.  

Building a new building?  Make the rest rooms handicap access.  Costs a little more, but I have never hear any of them complain.  Not one little bit.  We get it.

Putting in a new stop light.  How about adding that little braille button so blind people know when the light is green.  Costs a few bucks, but again, we all get it.  Nobody complains.

The only time this becomes an issue is with governments and unaccountable agencies feeding from the public trough.

The only time.  

They, apparently, breathe the rarified air of the kings.  Rules for thee, but not for me.   Its easy to do if you have either bought off the media or are egg nogging it up with them at Christmas parties and leading the conga line.

The backstop is supposed to be our institution of the media.  That institution is completely broken.

Media stations, reporters, and newspapers are not your friends.  At least they are not supposed to be.  They are not supposed to be on boards with you, they are not supposed to mingle with you at a party.    They are not supposed to sign your petitions  (cough cough hospital district formation).  

They are supposed to be what keeps you honest and accountable.

When that accountability breaks down, we start seeing citizens suffer.

And suffer they do.  Some more silently than others. 

I’ll close this out with their own words.  Remember a year or so ago when they all wrote editorials on the same Sunday declaring that they were not the “enemy of the people”?  A virtue signal of solidarity.  Oh, they were so so outraged.

No, I disagree.  When the media is so in bed with the people they are supposed to cover…..when they are so bought off that they are unable to report depending on the size of their ad buy…when editors are so frightened of corporate accountants….…when they are so inept and lazy that they can’t even be bothered to report the news………yes, they are  enemies of the people.

Boot licking lackeys of the first order.