The Complaint: ADA Lawsuit against City of Montesano Details

Montesano Wa. Via Montesano Today see earlier postings dated 19 Feb 2021 for more postings on the lawsuit.

It took less than five minutes to do a freedom of information request and have the rather large document in my hands. It is extensive and detailed. In addition to personally naming current elected officials, it also names past elected officials and city staff from the previous administration. As this case (at this point) is still in the early stages – I am not posting the entire document. If you want a copy go to city hall. They can’t hide it from you.

The complaint is chilling. I will post a couple of general cut and pastes to give you an idea of what is coming. I’m holding back right now on what I personally have seen and heard. I will say this though. Marisa has had enough. One thing these people who move here and want to play small town never seem to understand is that Bulldogs never quit.

The below cut and pastes will give you the gist of it. There is one other aspect to this. Apparently the city is trying to force Marisa into being annexed. She and her neighbors don’t want it. Follow the money $$$$$$ I guarantee there will be a good ole boy involved with a connection to city hall somewhere. There always is. All Marisa can do is watch the city council eyebrows go up and down over their masks while her property is discussed. Imagine how you would feel.

Maybe the city will respond on their little Facebook page that they apparently do city business on now. Has anyone told them that anyone who doesn’t ascribe to a socialist agenda has had their Facebook page closed? Is this by design? Facebook has a whole list of things you can’t discuss. Is the city now requiring all Montesano residents to adhere to the edicts of Facebook and what is allowed to discuss? Great job city. Just a great job of making sure half the community can’t even log into your city business website.

I can’t imagine what it is like to be either blind or deaf. I can’t. Marisa is the only deaf person I have ever known. Just on what I have seen and heard in person over the last 8 years or so, I can tell you that we have a problem here. I say we, because these people up at the city are there because we put them there. They are supposed to represent our values. They act in our name. This is going to get ugly. Fast.

UPDATE: Well the weekend went by and still nothing. Again illustrating the need for professional media to do something other than just run supermarket ads. I’m a friend of Marissa, Of course I am going to take her side in most everything. Let me capitalize something for effect NOBODY SHOULD BE GETTING THEIR NEWS FROM A PUTZ LIKE ME. The city deserves their side as well. Local media should be camped out until they get it. Something is really wrong around here.