Montesano Covid Shots – follow up article

Montesano WA. Via 4:00pm 3 March 2021

Well it wasn’t four hours after I posted my shot across the bow this morning over the vaccine and the elderly here in Montesano that I got a call wanting to know if me and the wife wanted a shot today. Not part of the county.

Ill let you make of it what you will.

I’m not relating the location.  When we arrived we were the only over 65 people in sight.  There were a good 20 young women in their twenties and thirties and their kids no less.  Few guys that age too.  All getting their covid shot.   This is why grandma might die kids.  Right here.  I evil eyed the shit out them and if the wife hadn’t been there …..there would have been an incident.  Trust me.  Absolute shameful.  Old people are dying.  We can thank our elected leaders for this.  Leaders…..I’m trying to hold it in folks…..I’m realllllly trying.

We were packed like sardines.  One old lady about 90,  I would guess,  came in after us in the same appointment group and she was visibly shaken.  Scared to death.  I went and moved some young women and her giggling friends off the only seat, not nicely either, and stood next to her.    

What kind of asshole cuts in front of the elderly?    I know…got pictures too.    What kind of local government allows this to happen?

A wise man once told me to never complain about something unless you have a solution.  Otherwise you are nothing but a whiner.  

For a solid year now they have had our elderly locked up tight. No visits from the family,   Short hurried trips early in the morning once every two weeks into Thriftway.  That’s about it.   Pure hell.   Don’t believe me?  Ask one.

What is the death number from this covid thing again?  I forget, something like 95% of the deaths people over 65?  Zero from this group that cut in front of the old people today.

They are the ones dying from this thing.   Not pot store workers, not school teachers.  The elderly. 

Didn’t we all just assume that when this vaccine started to roll out they would be the first to get it.  We assumed.  It is a nightmare for a lot of them.  You better be computer savvy.  Which they aren’t.  You better be able to drive at a moment notice….as far as Seattle.  Many of them scared to death and not knowing what in the hell to do.  

What I would do.

This town has about 4,000 residents.  Out of that …what….maybe 500 elderly that might need help with this.  I doubt the number is that high but will go with it.

The first thing I would do is call Chief Vance into my office and ask him ….no I would tell him… have a list on my desk within 24 hours of those over the age of 70 in this town that might need help getting a shot that live in this town.

I know every police officer in this town personally and can guarantee one thing.  Each and every one of them would be camping out in the back room in sleeping bags and happy to do it.  These guys wear bullet proof vests  to protect your mostly ungrateful asses all day…..this is nothing.  Protecting and helping people is why they wanted to be officers.

They already know most of them and check in on them all the time as a course of business.  I’m not even bringing in the Fire Dept, I don’t think they would be needed this is so simple.  Then again, they probably already have the list.

Now that you have a list, start working it.  I don’t care what any city employee is doing it isn’t as important as getting a shot into the arm of those 4-500 people. Nothing.

Start making calls.  Some old lady needs a ride and someone to hold her hand.  Drive her and hold her hand.

I don’t care what mealy mouthed county or state son of a bitch bureaucrat that got in my way tried to do, I would come unglued and roll over them like a crack head that can’t find his lighter.   

I don’t care about Elma, I don’t care about Aberdeen.  I care about the elderly that live in this town and it’s damn time those in the power to help here did too.

I don’t care about your excuses.  Show some spine and do your jobs.

That’s what I would do anyway.