Woke up with a real sore arm after that covid shot yesterday. That’s ok. Had sore arms before.

Upset tummy, little dizzy all day. Ya, nothing new, I went through the 70s.

Staring off into space, out of sorts, feeling distant, three cards short of a deck. Unable to keep a thought in my head. Now I know how Joe Biden feels everyday.

These shots aren’t like a normal flu shot. Worth going through this though. Linda has it a little worse than me today but to anyone getting these things, plan on not doing anything the next day. Talked to a nurse family member who told me the second shot is worse and she felt like she was hit by a truck.

Probably affects everyone differently, so plan on a down day or two just to be safe. Might be an age thing where it hits us older people harder. If you know an old person in town that is by themselves and gets one, check in on them just to be sure. Still worth it though. A day or two of being a zombie compared to a nasty bout of the flu.

Wondering why the arm hurts so much though. I get the flu shot every year, nothing like this. If that damn government put those nano bots in me I’m going to get real mad.