Weekly Roundup 5 March 2021

We want to thank the Grays Harbor Jail Inmate Book Discussion group for selecting The Rain Stops as this month’s Book club selection. We are further, working with the Elma Moral and Temperance Women’s League to lower the rating and remove the ban from the city limits. Chapter Two has been added to the epic tome of mystery.

Chapter 2 is up

Covid Shots – better believe I’m still ticked off. For those of you literally dying on the county wait list……..if you see those young 20 somethings in line down there, my advise would be to start taking pictures. That is a formed list of old people. Any young teachers you see in front of the waiting elderly have been moved in front of them. Last I checked there were thousands of Harbor elderly stuck on that waiting list. Trust me on this…….there will be a whole bunch of lawyers interested down the road. You got to wonder what kind of piece of trash would jump in front of the elderly. Well, we don’t have to wonder do we? Remember that next time a bond issue comes up. Me, I wouldn’t let them anywhere near my kids, but you do what you want.

Speaking of this, even the liberal Seattle press has had enough of these people: Check this one of many out.

Life is a living hell here right now. See, I got this duck. A big Muscovy named Gabriel. He want’s to be a house duck. No, the pond isn’t good enough, he likes house living. He has figured out how to get in the doggy door.

This was a well ordered place. The cats and dog going in and out at will. I didn’t have to do a thing. Now I have to keep the door thing inserted to keep the duck out, which means the cats and dog can’t go in and out and making racket all day…all night. In and out….up and down, on and on…..pure chaos around here.


Montesano real estate is on fire. Bubble? Don’t think so. They are sky high and going higher. Well, sky high for us……people out of the area think they are cheap. Anyone who can get out of Seattle is. They are pushing up the prices down I-5 all the way to Olympia pricing those homes out of reach. Pushing Olympia home buyers West and into our neighborhoods. Higher and higher. Looks like those kids that wasted their down payment money on a $50k pick up truck with fancy tires to impress girls will be paying rent for the rest of their lives. Those that drove the old car and saved are going to be able to own a home. Trust me guys, you won’t have any trouble finding a girl.

Economic darwinism on display and I have no sympathy for the left out what-so-ever. Enjoy the truck.

Two panel 200watt

Solar: We have been getting more power outages than usual last couple of years in town. Hats off to the local guys and gals that get up in the middle of the night in the storms….it never seems to be off that long. If you are old enough you remember how it used to be. My thoughts are is that everything seems to be crumbling around the edges. Wouldn’t surprise me much to see more and more and longer and longer outages in the future.

Solar stations are quite easy to do. About $500 on Amazon and you can get a kit. Buy a storage marine battery down at Whitneys and you are good to go. No gas, no wind, nothing. My little pictured set up provides enough power to run coffee pot in the morning, the small freezer for an hour here and there, charging tools, computers, batteries etc…..and enough left over to run a couple of lightbulbs and watch a movie in the evening. Next day, the battery fills up again. Don’t even need a sunny day.

I know some people like generators, but I didn’t go that route as gas eventually runs out. Wanted something turnkey. Mine works so well, going to add two more panels. Still not enough to run electric space heaters, but might be enough to run a pellet stove. Lots of things to think about and I always like being self sufficient. They really have gotten that good and that cheap.


Been a while since I did a weekly wrap up so going big on this one. The Whitneys Service Department. Those guys saved my bacon twice now this winter. They do all our service, always have. Me, since my first car a 62 rambler. I have always been a Ford guy, always a Ford truck. Next time I’m buying one of their Chevy trucks. Just because of their service department. Oh, the parts section too. Almost forgot them.

I don’t care what kind of problem you have, where the problem is…..call them and the problem will be over. I think they even have a guy that knows how to shoe horses. Quickly and reasonably priced.


Final thoughts: I continue to shake my head at the complete lack of leadership in the area. We deserve the government we get. You younger people are going to be paying for this for your entire lives. Your children too. The government schools are a complete mess more concerned with teaching socialism and removing Dr. Seuss from the library than teaching your children. Elected offices owned and controlled by $$$ and an entrenched good ole boy social network. Its all about paychecks and pensions at every single government office and agency in the cities and county. At some point, you are going to have to deal with this. The longer you wait, the more the damage to un do. Clocks are ticking.

And lastly, I have to ask the question. Is Antifa right? I know, me….asking that. They see everything as so corrupt they want it all torn down. Well, Ive been thinking about these young school teachers cutting in front of the elderly a lot this week. Saw it first hand with my own eyes. I kept thinking what if Antifa had the vaccine. What would they do if a bunch of healthy 30 year old women crashed the line and pushed grandma to the curb. I thing they would handle the situation quite well and grandma would be picked up, brushed off, and put back in line.

Our own system kills grandma to buy votes from the young teachers and does so in public in the light of day with the media bought off. Not a city or county elected official in sight to stand up for them. I have to keep asking myself, who exactly are the anarchists?