Wa St Dem Party sets sights on NON PARTISON elections in Montesano?

As we all know, party affiliation here in town has never been much of a big deal. Democrat, Republican…..nobody seems much to care. Its all about the town first. Always has been. I have voted for people of both parties here and I am sure you have too. Forever. I don’t know anybody who even brings it up during elections here. We sort of pride ourselves on it. Other cities around here as well.

That is about to change.

Currently, residents of Montesano are being contacted by people claiming to be with the Washington State Democrat party trying to recruit candidates for the party and dump money into our local town races turning them partisan. You need to be aware of this. Is it a dark money operation? Soros backed? You be the judge.

A few screen shots below from just one of the “outreaches“….and there are many more. I tried like heck to get this girl on a voice call, but just try and nail them down for a way to contact them. Just try. When pressed you get a cold no information referral to the state party, who will not return calls or respond to email for confirmation of just how involved they are or what their plans are for our local Montesano elections. Shady as all hell.

Who, and what money is behind the power grab for control of Montesano elected officials and for what purpose is still unanswered. Does this apply to the local school board as well? What are their plans for the Montesano school district?


To see the playbook in action just look at what happens when the local boards and offices are bought and paid for with dark money. Its all over the news. If this is happening in little Montesano, you can bet your bippy it is happening in Elma and McCleary as well.

Your local Mayor and council members have, to this point, been local citizens taking their turn on the wheel of local city government. We may not agree with them sometimes, but it has never been in question to consider their political motives. Certainly never that they were serving shadowy dark money and hidden groups and agendas outside of town.

That is about to change. You need to be aware of it. Money comes with strings.

Montesano elections from this time forward will be decided outside the borders of this town. Candidates picked and funded by a committee in Seattle. For their purposes.

A local schmuck wanting to join the city council will stand no chance against well funded and selected individuals with the state Democrat party bankrolling them. All city decisions and directions will be made in a backroom in Seattle. There is a bigger agenda here.


One of the phone numbers being used to cold call people with text message is from 360-363-0443. This is a dead number and you can’t call it. Owner information hidden. There are more numbers. This is deliberate and a big red flag that dark money is involved.

The people calling/texting are hiding behind fake names as well as no contact information. Right out of the dark money playbook. Calls and requests to the official Wa State Democrats listed in the text message are not being returned for more information on what their plans are and what money is involved to swing Montesano election or their involvement. No information from them at all either confirm or deny. Nor is information being forth coming as to who they are selecting to run in our NON PARTISON elections. They will be selecting the winners as to who will run.

Whose ring will need to be kissed, whose boot licked…….what secret ceremony “thank you sir ….may I have another” will the selected Montesano residents be required to attend during the state selection of your local office holders, we do not know. But we will see the winners of the contest soon enough around here. Count on it.

The messages indicate they are working with local Democrat leaders. Interesting. Interesting.

Anyone lucky enough to get recorded audio conversion with this group, email header information etc, please forward to me. I am also very interested in learning the names of our locals picked by this group to run and names with the groups behind this. I am sure you are too. Shout out to my peeps in Elma, watch your back………..Tom