Our old dog Barney isn’t going to be around all that much longer. I think he is about 14 now and I have to lift him places now. Not that easy as he is about 120 pounds. A real good boy and our thoughts were to have him mentor a younger dog to teach it how to be good.

I went down to PAWS yesterday to meet Charlie.

Charlie is about one year old. A rott/something mix. Absolutely loves people and very well behaved on walks. Doesn’t bark at everything, bright eyed, energetic as all one year olds are, and just a great dog. Stands with his tail straight up and obviously a dogs dog.

An absolute pet monster who is not agressive and I am sure a good foot warmer on the couch.

He met Barney and it was instantly clear during the meet down at PAWS that old Barney just isn’t up to something about 60 pounds that wants to play…..and play……and play.

It just wan’t fair to him. I couldn’t bring Charlie home.

I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think Charlie was a very special dog.

Don’t believe me, go spend five minutes with him. He deserves to be in Montesano walking our streets.

You can just tell sometimes, this is a good one……and he needs a home. like all one year old dogs he should have access to a fenced yard.

I don’t do Facebook but am asking that this be spread around here in town. We wan’t Charlie in Monte, just trust me on this one.

If you want to meet Charlie, give them a call down at the Aberdeen PAWS 360-533-1141