One of the things that happen when you do a community blog for so long is that people come up to you and tell you things. Most of the time you smile and take it all with a grain of salt. There are always two sides to things, and lets face it…..people like me aren’t qualified to deal with most of it.

Still, when someone asks you for help you are left with two choices. Ignore it, or try and look into it. I’m in the latter dilemma currently.

I’m not gong to give any details here for a reason, but will say that I have been asked to look into a bully problem here in our schools.

Firstly, it’s hard for me to believe it still goes on in this day and age. It certainly was institutionalized when I went to school here, but I just assumed that sort of stuff just didn’t go on anymore.

Also, there is a big line between being picked on and out and out bully behavior. Kids are socially stupid and its a part of growing up. Bullies are something different all together.

I never really had a problem with it. Oh sure, they try, but I learned early on there are worse things than being beat up. Its just no fun to pick on someone that won’t allow it. My kids were put into Kempo Karate at an early age. Came in handy to when my daughter left four attackers bleeding in the street in high school. I personally don’t believe in being a victim. But thats just me.

I did some research, and again, I take everything with a grain of salt….but here is the link to our own school rating. Now, it is accurate? Are the comments concerning bully behavior and the school officials looking the other way accurate? I have no way of knowing. The last time I entered the high school with a camera the principal hid in his office peering through the window and venitian blinds telling me not to film there and to “go away”. Seriously…..that actually happened. Still cracks me up.

Again, it is hard for me to believe that a child approaching a school official is being ignored when reporting bully behavior. Kids have a right to attend school un molested. A RIGHT. If school officials are ignoring the reporting and allowing it continue by protecting certain kids…..all sorts of bad things can and will happen. Just look at the news. This needs to be taken seriously.

From what I hear, and it is only what I hear, keep that in mind, certain kids are protected. That doesn’t surprise me and that attitude extends all the way into our city government, but that is another article.

I don’t have a dog in this hunt, this is an issue for local parents with kids in the system. I just assume parents still get together and talk. I assume anyway. This problem, if it truly exists, it quite easy to deal with.

First document everything. Make sure there is a witness, make sure things are in writing. Personally, I wouldn’t walk into the school administration building without a couple of other parents. If the behavior continues, Montesano has no shortage of lawyers. The parents of these bully kids want to let it continue? Take their house. Attach their wages. Put a price on allowing the behavior. Should the district be aware of specific problem and ignore it and your kids gets hurt…….introduce your lawyer to the school district. You will have the money for private school in short order.

Personally, I think my way of dealing with bullies is easier and more effective. In my, and others, opinion – you can’t reason with a bully. Most of them are the way they are because one or both of the parents are drunks or beat them. You can’t run from them. The earlier in life you learn how to deal with them the better. What you can’t do is ignore them.

To kids out there that feel they have have a problem, you have to tell your parents. You haven’t done anything wrong.

To the school district, you better hope there is a giant mis understanding going on out there……


UPDATE: Well that took about an hour. Look, it isn’t that I’m un sympathetic, I can’t do anything. Don’t write me. If it was my kid, it may go on for one day, but it wouldn’t go on for two. Thats all I can tell you.