WARNING: Phone scam active in Montesano

I’m pretty suspicious. Probably has something to do with running this blog for so long. When I walked into my office from a nice comfy nap on a cold day recently, you know the type – two cats….warm blanket…..I was a little foggy listening to my wife on the phone.

Her Ipad in hand and the speaker phone on I got the gist……someone in India trying to get her to get into her Amazon account.

I woke up quickly.

He was now talking to me.

“yes sir….I am from Amazon and there has been activity on your account…I need you to log in and download TEAMVIEWER so I can fix the problem.” Ya….sure, except she doesn’t have an Amazon account….and I was damn sure not going to download a program so someone could help me.

I tried to keep him on the phone as long as I could but he hung up when I started asking questions.

These guys are good, you need to be aware of it.

Never ever give someone information on the phone on a cold call like that. Hang up and call the company directly. No one will ever call you like that.

They will sound like they are legitimate. Most likely they will have some information already. Your account number, even the last four numbers of your credit card. This isn’t hard information to obtain. Every company has been hacked….many times.

The scam centers are mostly run and operated in the Calcutta region of India. There is much information out there. If you want to learn more about how they operate check out SCAMBAITER on youtube. Funny as all heck.

Another thing you should do….I did….is remove credit cards from your account. The scammers use them to buy gift cards. I know its a pain, but enter the information when you buy something……DON’T KEEP CREDIT CARDS ON FILE. You do have some…..some protection with a credit card……if you use a bank atm type card you are asking for trouble.

When you get a call like this, hang up. If I am getting these calls, our 249 prefix is probably being targeted. Be aware, be cautious.