Watching the Watchers

By now readers have choked back their disgust and digested my article from last evening concerning the funny business that has been going on with the Covid hospitalization numbers.

Cats out of the bag

So we are at a particular point. I mean come on. I would say trying to decide if you are going to pump one experimental vaccine after another into the arm of a five year old we/you parents especially…..sort of have the right to ask questions. You would think. Wouldn’t you?

So this leaves us with two options. Let’s discuss our Harbor options.

LOCAL MEDIA – Having spent years editorial writing for both newspapers here, well when we had two that is, I have a better than the average bear understanding of what goes on behind the scenes.

I’ve talked about it before, and as it happened, the same situation. During the formation of the hospital district I discovered debt that wasn’t disclosed to the voters prior to the vote. The publisher at the time came into the office and told us at the Vidette we were not allowed to write about it. The reason, they spent too much on advertising.

I quit writing for the paper that day. Others as soon as they found other jobs.

Other local media is in the same position. They flat out won’t bite the hand that feeds them. No matter what they do.

Now to be fair, maybe this new bunch at the Daily World are actually running a newspaper. We will see won’t we.

LOCAL POLITICIANS – Again, just doing what I did for so many years I was everywhere. Let me tell you from first hand observation. They all party together. Every chance they get. I have it on tape.

Its too big of a situation to ignore if you and I were doing this. Closing up businesses, jabbing children, closing schools, forcing people to wear masks, firing policemen, we would be watched like a hawk. All because of Jay Inslee declaring his hospital emergency. He needs cover. But now, thanks to the revelations by the CDC yesterday, we know its all bullshit. With a capital B.

What should happen is an investigation by the detectives at the Sheriff office or the District Attorney. Its too big of a situation. If we have been treated like cattle and lives destroyed and if it turns out our local numbers were fudged LIKE EVERYPLACE ELSE to make it look worse than it is….someone needs to go to jail. Its that simple. Lots of money involved and to be made keeping a mask on you.

Im going to give our County Commissioners the benefit of the doubt. For now. Still, this is big enough that I would be down there at that hospital and standing at the desk of the County Director of Public Health and wanting to know exactly what is and has been going on. More importantly, and I pray…..what has been kept from them. I’d probably be bringing one of the county attorneys along with me. This is serious stuff considering the level of fear and ramifications fostered on every man woman and child in the county.

I would also want to know if people coming into our hospitals with broken legs or something else are being reported as COVID hospitalizations because they had COVID at some point, charged for it, and to who and where that money goes. And……if those numbers are being fed back to us the public to scare us into doing something we don’t want to do.

Don’t you.

All credibility is now shot on a number of levels.

Your County health department and public hospital have spent the last two years scaring the shit out of you and your kids here. Your politicians never asked any questions. Some of you have lost your job. Some worried about the many psychological and physical side affects to your little kids. God knows how many high school kids have dropped out of school. Oh, and lets not forget an average 23 point drop in the IQ of little kids.

I would say that warrants an investigation considering the CDC admission yesterday. But then again…….I don’t take any money from these people or attend their parties.

Now it may be that everything is just so totally innocent. There was a reason we were all lied to and misled for two years. I’d love to hear it.

Wouldn’t you?

SIDE NOTE – IF I was Sheriff Scott or the local State Police Commander and was put through the pure hell they were, firing good men over ginned up numbers, I would be all over this. Allllllll over this. If I lost my job, was forced to give up my religious beliefs, forced to put an unknown untested never ending drugs into my little kid, suffered psychological damage as a pregnant woman under threat of my job to put drugs into me……I would be lawyer shopping. Juries are going to love this one. People don’t like being misled and lied to. Some real deep pockets involved too.

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