This is bad…..real bad

I have been keeping my eye out for more studies concerning, at least to me, the largest ramification of Gov Jay Inslee onto the little kids here. The IQ drop of about 23 points due to the masks on them is real. All due to his draconian worthless little kid mask mandate.

Of course this is all on instructions from his campaign donor the teacher unions, they think your little kids are nothing but disease factories, but that is another post.

The latest study I found is here. More coming out all the time on this. I highly suggest you read it. But let me list the highlight.

Romanian Orphans. Good God. There is a bunch of this stuff out there. And what do your oh-so caring school teachers do about it? They know. They know. Their reputation is hovering somewhere around a used car salesman these days. Oh…..too soon?

Lets take a quick look at another snippet:


The question is why is Jay Inslee doing this? I know about this, you know about this. The teachers up at the school know about this. The older brothers and sisters of these little kids know about it. The parents know about this. All of your public service organizations…the police, the Public Health Department, your elected officials. Everyone elected and overly paid to protect those who can not protect themselves know. EVERYONE KNOWS. Yet, everyone is ok with letting an entire generation of stunted children develop. Adding to it every year. Every month and year getting worse and worse.

I think about this a lot and keep coming back to the parents. Maybe things are different now. When I was a parent of small children I would never let anyone harm them. Especially as life ruining as this. Maybe its just the parents of today are basically uncaring and stupid. Maybe something has changed in the way parents look at their children. Something breaking the parental bond of protection that I grew up in. I honestly don’t know.

Even Child Protective Services has been politicized. You won’t see them come to the aid of the children. They will be hiding. Its pretty serious and on going child abuse. Where is the county District Attorney? Think about it. On going demonstrated mental and physical abuse of not just one child, but a whole school full of them. And not one responsible adult or agency in the county willing to stand up. Not even an elected school board (let that sink in). Not one media outlet. No one. Not one.

Books will be written about this. An entire society has collectively decided through silence to sacrifice its youngest and most vulnerable for political reasons. Well, not everywhere. Just here in Jay Inslee’s Washington State and other deep blue regions. The rest of the kids in the country will be just fine. No, its just the kids here in Washington, Grays Harbor County….and yes, despite how you desperately try and delude yourself into thinking this just goes on in other places……in Montesano.

I know I post a lot on this particular issue. Its the one that bothers me the most. Going through life with a Forrest Gump IQ is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. The drug , alcohol, depression, mental issues facing this generation of little kids is going to be just horrible. Not one person in authority, the state, the teachers, the parents, no one cares. Its heartbreaking. And its all for nothing. I think that’s what bothers me the most. Why is Jay Inslee doing this and why are your teachers so silent and allowing this? They are all supposed to be so caring and good. I mean that’s what you tell people. Right? Right?

This makes you mad, uncomfortable? Too bad cupcake. Its not about you.

More posting on this issue.


Link to a study