BREAKING: Biden using Selective Service System To Track Religious Objections to Mandates

Breaking news on just how far down the rabbit hole our former Democracy has fallen. We are entering Democrat Party Soviet territory kids.

Link to Twitter Feed

All being done via Executive Order in the dark. Just wait, they are just getting started. It will soon relate to getting Social Security, everything. Joe Biden and Jay Inslee are your doctors now. The Chinese Communist Party has nothing on these guys.

UPDATE: Some I hear from are skeptical. Ok, lets be fair. This is so far unverified. Do your own research. As of this writing, his postings on the subject have been sent out and re tweeted maybe 10,000 times? Hitting millions. Not even counting Facebook postings. Millions and millions more. Like it or not. A story of this magnitude touching millions of Americans in their inbox IS A STORY. The ball is in Biden’s court to deny.