Sick Hospital Workers Returning to Work

Honestly I feel like I am live blogging these days. Its just absolutely insane as these Blue state governors got hit in the head this week with a 2×4 and realized its all falling apart.

Gee, maybe they shouldn’t have fired everyone who dared question their loyalty to Biden up at the hospitals. Or gulp! a strong religious belief.

Hospitals everywhere are now asking, in some cases demanding, that covid sick staff come back to the hospital.


I can post more but do I really have to? Its there, its real.

Now on to the ramifications. I ran into a posting today from a young lady in the health care field that posted a disturbing video on the subject. The central question being, and I paraphrase”. Can these covid sick people be sued by their patients who become sick with covid.

Here is a link to the video, I can’t directly post it here. Its worth your time.

This just brings up a bunch of questions we hadn’t thought of….. doesn’t it? Now I know what you are thinking. “no lawyer would ever sue a hospital worker”. We all know how ethical lawyers are and only think of the public good.

Still……still…….she brings up a good point.

I guess maybe ….just maybe….King Inslee shouldn’t have fired all those hospital workers. He is so bat shit crazy he is entering the Mad King territory.

Do I need to remind you he refused to let Kittitias county workers help clear the mountain passes of snow so ambulances could get over the passes this week because the county dared to not issue mandates to give him cover.

Now, you not only need to worry about whatever it is you are in the hospital for, but now you have to worry if that nurse has COVID. How about that lunch lady…..she looks a little off. Screech, that’s all sick people need more anxiety. Welcome to health care under liberal Blue state governors.

It isn’t like anyone in authority at the state level is doing anything other than lip service to any of this protect the worker and public stuff. Here is an interesting article about tons of hospital protective gear just left out in the rain.


The bottom line here is the erosion of trust. The trust between us, the un-washed masses, our state government, and our local health care system. Eventually we are going to come out of this. But at what price?

The costs people like Mad King Jay Inslee the Unclean have created have not yet been ledgered. But they will be. I will resist posting the image of a muttering elderly man dipping his quill by candlelight into an inkwell of blood. A raven cawing its disapproval perched on a skull.

What health care worker in their right mind would walk onto their job site under this , in my opinion, threat of being sued? Dedicated…sure, but dedicated enough to risk everything thing they own?

Shame on these Governors. People will die because of their political greed. Lots of people.

UPDATE: At least 8 local facilities here in the Puget Sound here are bringing in the sick staff. will keep you updated. I can’t get a straight answer from our local facilities. If you are concerned I suggest calling the County Commissioner’s offices here in Grays Harbor.

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