Ewwww….Pfizer testing on 2 year olds

I just don’t know what to say about this. I really don’t.

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Lets look at more

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Ill tell you why Im posting this. It isn’t that Pfizer is evil or anything, I am sure there are some good people there that are seeing doctors with babies that have nothing and are desperately trying to use their vaccine (I hate that word as it isn’t a vaccine). So, they are testings in their offices with the moms and dads to see if there is anything they can do. I get it.

Why? Because out of that whopping 1.7 trillion with a t…..COVID package Biden pushed through less than 1% went to helping with drugs to treat the damn thing. This is what you get when you politicalize something like this. Money spent on groups to buy votes is much more important than worrying about little two year olds. It just is.

Two years into this.

This is where we are

Im sure everything is just fine with all of this. I trust everyone involved. Before we go lets check in with the Pfizer stock price