Gov Inslee Press Conference 13 Jan 2022

Just to show that the hand that strikes can also caress, I give kudos to our Dear Leader Jay Inslee, First of his Name, He with the Balled Fist, The Bane of the Unseen. It took him two years to come to the conclusion that forcing worthless masks (not my opinion Im just quoting CDC officials including Fauchi) on people was a waste of time and didn’t do anything to help the hospitals.

All along Inslee and his band of merry socialists have been screaming “the hospitals are overwhelmed”. Screaming and spitting and flailing their arms around. Using it as an excuse to suspend the Constitution of the United States.

Well today he finally announced he is doing something to underwhelm them. Sending in National Guard. Duh.

Article Seattle Times

Two years. Two freaking years.

Of course he is being forced to pivot. People are storming Olympia and its getting….unsafe.…for the little minions. That protest yesterday shook them up to no end.

Turns out the vaccinated are spreading this thing around and that the hospitals have been fudging the numbers.

Its tough trying to be a despot. Not everyone can get it down. It helps if you can display the bodies of your detractors on pikes and the such, so give Inslee a break….he doesn’t have the tools.

Of course he ignored my questions about the 23 point drop in IQ of the little kids due to his policy. If you want to know more, click the link.

Its all falling apart and the palace staff is running for the exits…… will be interesting to see the pivot and “uh….uh……sorry”.