Dr. Killemquick’s traveling medicine show

It isn’t enough. Is anything really enough?

The first thing you have to realize when you start down the rabbit hole of what Jay Inslee and Biden are doing is you are the reason for it.

I say you, because, well….its you who gave up your rights. A two week emergency power is now in its 670th day. Give or take a day I lose track.

By now you have been hearing about the new push to start getting experimental shots into the arms of little five year olds. Not just one mind you….at least three, and Fauchi is now starting to push four. It will be endless.

It isn’t a vaccine. Vaccines prevent disease. They had to change the name to “vaccine” or you wouldn’t take it. You again.

Now when it comes to five year olds I have a couple of questions.

First, how did they run trials? Where did they get the kids?

Im sure they didn’t get the kids here in the United States. What parent would respond to an ad on Craigslist looking for “Children needed for Vaccination Experiment”. Seriously….who? Even these liberal idiots.

How much money would you have to be offered? Remember none of us know what all these shots are going to do to our natural immunity system in the long term. NONE OF US.

I need to remind you that Fauchi is the same guy who locks little puppy heads in a box and lets the heads be eaten by flies to “study” it.

He does a lot more in the name of his Science, but I won’t put it here. He had to go to a lab in North Africa to do the puppy one. You can’t do that stuff in the United States.

No, I just bet this little kid trial was done in some third world country where children are sold every day. And you know Im right.

Then we have to start asking how many kids did they get? How long did they study them? Were they healthy to begin with?

You will never find the answers. They are proprietary information.

I tried to find out through my Doctor and he said he had no way of finding out. I asked him if he was going to be giving the shot to little five year olds. Of course he said yes.

Lots of money to be made. Lots of it.


There is money to be made in “cures”. We have our own Dr. Killemquick Medicine Show riding through town in his traveling wagon.

Im sure Fauchi’s new wonder drug and elixir will not only save your life, but cure women’s ill temperament, and take spots out of the rug. All while a muscle man stands stotic while the good Professor preaches he will manifest a miraculous recovery. Oh, ya…way off base. Do I have to remind you that these old traveling medicine shows were the basis of modern Patent Medicine? Do I?

The effectiveness or side effects of Fauchi’s Swamp Root, Poultices, and Wonder Salves are not really known. That won’t stop them from pumping it into the arms of little kids though.

As in the glory days of the wonder drug salesmen, plants are being used in the crowd. The crowd now being social media feeds. People jumping up and saying “it cured me Doc“, throwing their canes down and jigging their way onto the stage. Curing what ails you.

Twitter is full of them.

Your kids are about ready to feed the money machine. They are running out of older arms. People are wising up. Little kids are a good market.

Ill leave with this question. If we don’t know where he is getting the little five year olds for his experiments……where is he getting the two year olds? They are starting on them next in active studies. What third world slum can you buy enough babies in? How much do they cost? Do they out and out buy them, or rent them from parents? Is it in lab or out patient? Do they start with a little dose and work up to when there are problems then back the dose off? what happens to the little kids and toddlers who got the too hot dose? Did they try it on monkeys first? Baby monkeys or adult monkeys?

Im not a Science denier, I just want to know…..or are we allowed to know?