School kids using cat boxes?

After the earlier article this week concerning the after school Satan worship programs now finding their way into our public schools, you probably thought we were done.

Oh no! There is lots more.

Before we get into the fun story, I want to post a picture that capsulizes the extent of the damage the Democrat Governors and public schools here on the West Coast have done to your children.

Well, they weren’t alone, it was the teacher unions pushing it and the money they give the Governors. You know I’m right so save the letters.

Take a good long look Montesano. This is a current Oregon picture, but it is the same all along the West Coast. There are only 6 or 7 states doing this, all Democrat Governors to virtue signal.

This is what you have done to your children. For nothing. You smug little assholes.

Shame on you

I have absolutely zero sympathy for the parents that allowed this. What is coming at them , oh…. I would say about late middle school, is going to be total cosmic karma time. These kids are going to be so emotionally screwed up there will be no helping them. Any you know it. Seven hours a day sucking in their own CO2, isolated, treated like shit. The most socially awkward screwed up generation this planet has ever seen. And you did it deliberately.


If for a second, in say twenty years or so, you think any employer, the military, any one looking at job applications, prospective mates, college admissions, promotions, anything….won’t look at this batch of West Coast kids differently from other kids that weren’t stunted emotionally and physically you are dreaming. Absolutely dreaming and delusional. And it will happen for the rest of their natural lives. This is the price you will pay for your virtue signaling. It will be your last thought on your death bed. Frankly, you have it coming.

Bone crushing deep seated emotional problems. Drugs, alcohol, anger, pregnancy, you name it. About the first time little Johnny pipes up from the back seat at the drive through “you got some of those French fried potatoes back in there” , due to the drop in IQ from all this… will be hitting home. Too late mom.

Oh, that makes you uncomfortable? Too soon? Too bad. Maybe you can find solace in the various parent support groups that will be popping up and a good bottle of wine. On a positive note, Im sure Pharma stocks for anti depressant and mommy little helper drugs will be through the roof. Buy and hold!


You may or may not have heard about the parent who dared to question a local school board ( I say dared as now it is a terrorist act to confront them according to the A.G) about something her and other kids were telling her. That being that cat boxes were being put out for kids identifying as….well….cats.

Now the PUBLIC SCHOOL district sent out a notice saying they weren’t, but after the Louden County incident and out and out lying about rapes in their bathrooms to cover and protect diversity programs, we really can’t believe a word any of them say anymore. So, I guess its up to us to investigate ourselves.

It took me a couple of days, but I might or might not have some information for you.

First of all I should say that I am all in favor of the cat boxes. What is the alternative? Having them go in people’s shoes? On up on counters? We all know how cats punish you. I’m sure there are those identifying as dogs as well.

Certainly putting down papers for those identifying as puppies, and simply installing a doggy door for the older dog/human non binary children is easy to accommodate.

But what about other animals?

Its not such a far-fetched thing. I mean people running social media companies identify as things like deer.

I started making some phone calls. You can conduct your own experiments.

I quickly found that schools are leary and know people are looking at them. Eventually though, you get one of the aids. They spill their guts.

I asked one about my “special” son. A ten year old boy non binary human/animal. You see Buff identifies as a Buffalo. We are looking to move there.

My main question was if there was an area that a pen could be constructed. A place for him to stand during down time. Grass would be nice also.

I was assured that it would be fine.

I also inquired as to the possibility of him Mooing yes or no answers in class and be allowed to stand in the back rather than sit.

Again, it wouldn’t be a problem. There was also a discussion on his “horn hat” that mother made him. We talked about fitting little orange covers on the tips for safety reasons.

It went on and on and I kept getting more absurd until someone took the phone and asked that we come in to assess his “individual needs.”

There is more but I not going to put it here and saving it for something else I’m working on.

My point here is do your own research. For all you you know I am identifying as a toad and have been licking my own psychedelic secretions.