Heroin to be legal in wa state – oh yes its coming

What are the fun loving Democrats up to these days. Jabbing your children with worthless vaccines? Teaching them to hate themselves? Well, ya but not content with just that, an effort is now underway to introduce and normalize heroin use to them. After all, one has to think of the future!

Just think of the money to be made. Yes, your daughter will have an even bigger chance to end up as a prostitute in Aberdeen, or working a pole in Tacoma. YouR son a chance to realize his full potential as a shoplifter and die early. And you thought they were done with your children……dreamers.

Now I know you are thinking “what is this going to cost me?” Relax, they have thought of that and will use the State Government to collect money by selling other drugs like Marijuana to pay for it. Think of it as a circle.

It gets better. Now with our open borders fentanyl has never been cheaper or more available to mix in with your heroin. You won’t have to worry about addiction and not being able to find your heroin. Trust me, it will be everywhere. Everywhere.


Don’t worry though, they will never get their signatures……sure they won’t…..sure. And your kid is different and oh so smart. You told them to stay away from drugs. Im sure you have nothing to worry about.

Its coming this November, and if you don’t think the Democrats here will vote for it and push it, you deserve exactly what is coming for you.

Get ready. A trip to Walmart is about to be a very interesting experience.

Its important to teach your child the proper way to inject heroin. Don’t worry parents, the Wa. State Dept of Health and your local public schools will have training……count on it.