Pfizer 12% Effective and only for a short time kids

Well we all knew this was coming. Doc dumps. Don’t feel sorry for the Pharma companies though, they are immune from lawsuits. The people getting a cut of the $$ made sure of that.

I will list just some of the news articles below as well as the docs themselves, you can see for yourself. But to save you some trouble, most ALL of the test subjects had adverse side effects and worse. It looks like at the best this was only 12 % effective for a few days, then dropped to 1% effective. THIS WAS THE LITTLE KID GROUP. Can’t wait for the others to start hitting.

Moderna docs will be dropping as well.



Hearing lots of “blood clot” and “heart attack” chatter out there. You think Covid was bad……just wait.

By all means you virtue signal people just march your little ones down there. What could go wrong?

NOTES: there is a lot of noise today about maybe lawsuits are a possibility against these Pharma companies. Keeping an eye on what is going on. Probably extends to politicians, possibly school districts etc that forced you to jab your child. There is going to be a whole bunch of people looking into this. What did people know….and when did they know it.

UPDATES: as people are pouring through the thousands of pages of Pfizer just released data, see above link, the following is starting to be posted. I took a screen shot of just one of them. I haven’t the desire to read all of it, do your own research……they are your kids. We can see why they and Biden’s DOJ fought in court to keep it secret for 75 years.

SIDE EFFECTS: Lots hitting and getting traction.


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