By now everyone should be aware of the ramifications our good Washington State Gov Jay Inslee and your pubic school teacher unions have placed upon your children.

If you aren’t, well….thats par for the course isn’t it….. and a reason it happened in the first place.

The studies are coming out on the damage. 70% of the kids are failing basic math. Not everywhere, just places like Washington State. There is more of course, but I will stick to basic math here to keep it simple.

I have a test. Been using it for years. So I thought I would do a little social experiment here in irony free Montesano. A well to do little small town with money in it. Not some inner city, but a place of privilege. A place where the kids have everything and don’t worry about crime. Parents in the house, the whole bit. All the puzzle pieces in place.

I started asking kids, over the last couple of weeks, a simple question.

What is 6×8?

Just random. In front of Thrifty, walking the dog, down at Fleet Park, everywhere. I made sure I didn’t ask anyone looking younger than about 4th grade and all the way to high school. Must have asked several dozen.

A grand total of 2 knew the answer. It was so rare, that I asked them where they went to school. To no ones surprise, both told me they were home schooled. One looked about 9 years old, the other about 12.

Everyone else was nice and helpful. You know how the kids in Monte are. “gee, they didn’t teach me that”. “let me look it up on my phone for you”. One called his mother to “help me out“. He put her on speaker phone. What a nice boy. One group of kids I would put as probably freshman age really took it to task. Counting on fingers, arguing with each other. Went on for quite a while until I took pity on them and said “never mind, I found it”. Looking at my phone.

You get the drift.

It isn’t the massive drop out rate and emotional problems that everyone is really worried about, to me, it is an entire generation of children just thrown away.

I don’t make that statement lightly. Stunting the education of children has life long ramifications in everything they will do. All for absolutely nothing other than virtue signaling. And everyone knows it. It isn’t important for them to know what 6×8 is. And that is the fault of the schools. Even more at fault, the parents for allowing a school board to exist in a place where the children don’t know what 6×8 is.

The great pretending is about to begin. The CDC has lowered standards of development to take into account what was done to them. Testing in school is being re worked to account for the drop in IQ. Look it up.

States like Washington that sacrificed their children are going to have to compete with the kids from other states. Good luck with that. When they start asking questions you can explain how important it was to give cover to Jay Inslee and donations to the state Democratic Party by the teacher unions. Im sure your kid will understand.

One person I spoke with on this that is actually working in education told me that they don’t like to talk about this with the parents as it might make them feel bad. And that’s it in a nutshell isn’t it. None of this is or was about the kids. From the overweight teachers in the lounge to the governor wanting campaign donations. It says a great deal about the facade all around us.

Im just touching on basic math here. Yes, the public schools are excellent at teaching that boys should be allowed to use girls bathrooms and the children were born racist. Reading, comprehension, math, science? Well, don’t take my word for it……go ask your kid what 6×8 is.